10 reasons why an Auto Detailing Gift Certificate is great for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and even in these crazy times it’s worth taking the day to appreciate our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, nannas, and mother-figures.  They do a lot for us, and their love goes far.  In a time of Stay Home Stay Safe, however, it can be hard to celebrate or find a gift that follows guidelines, especially if she is not living with you.  But if she has a car or other vehicle, we can suggest a gift she would enjoy: an Onsite Detail Gift Certificate!

Since Mother’s Day is on May 10th, here are 10 reasons why our Gift Certificate is a strong contender for a present!

-It saves her some cleaning/work

Even before the pandemic, our mothers are usually the ones helping keep homes clean and organized.  Now keeping clean is more important than ever before.  Our Gift Certificate frees up some of her busy schedule and allows her to relax while we take care of her car, giving her one less area to think about, especially if she has to watch young children and cannot focus on her car without being easily distracted by life.

-She gets a say in when it happens

Mothers are busy!  Some of them work, some are single mothers, some are busy bodies by nature.  While juggling kids, errands, hobbies and careers, it can be hard to schedule anything for themselves.  Gift Certificates allow her to figure out when works best for her in terms of getting a car cleaned, which can be a gift in and of itself.

-It’s a great No-Contact gift

Gift Certificates can be purchased online, which means you can email the code you receive or mail it to her with a Mother’s Day card.  While it’s not ideal, it helps keep her safe while letting her know you’re thinking of her.  In addition, our Mobile Details come with a Contact-Free option, for extra safety and peace of mind.

-It’s a great way to say thanks for the rides she gives

Some of us rely on our mothers for rides, especially if you have kids of your own and she helps get them to various activities.  Why not offer some detailing as both a Mother’s Day gift and a thank you for her help?  We even provide Car Seat Details if she keeps those around in her car!

-Some mothers are hard to buy for

When we are little, crafts and drawings are often ideal gifts for our mother figures.  However, as we age, very few of us make artwork that she would still smile at receiving, and some mothers become difficult to find gifts for.  They may have all they need, or they won’t hand over their Amazon wish list.  If she has a car, or any vehicle really, then our Gift Certificates can save the day!

-It shows you notice the details

Getting a Gift Certificate for a specific service can show her you notice the smaller things.  Does she have trouble seeing in the rain when she drives?  Glassparency can help.  Does she complain about a bad smell in the car that doesn’t come out?  Deep Odor Removal can do the trick!  Is there a stain inside she’s embarrassed of?  Our Interior Detail is designed with stain removal.  If inside is clean, why not consider adding some bonuses to her exterior?  Headlight Restoration is a cheap but sensible add-on to a Wash & Wax, for example!  

-It’s great for adventurous mothers with big toys

Some mothers like adventure, and they show it with an RV, boat, or even motorcycle!  As summer approaches, why not help her prepare with some Large Vehicle cleanings?  We can do everything from wash and waxing to oxidation and sun spot removal!  

-Great for working mothers

Mothers who work can find scheduling things during normal work hours is tricky.  Our services are Mobile, which means we can go to her workplace and meet her on her time.  It’s also helpful if her work relies on her vehicle, especially since delivery people are our heroes in our modern day.  

-It helps her take care of her vehicle

Cars and other vehicles require constant care, and detailing can be part of that maintenance.  It’s worth giving her a Gift Certificate so she can take care of her vehicle, especially right before summer, and focus saving her time and money towards other necessary things in this unusual economic situation.  Exterior work is especially important as we head into summer, as a wash and wax can help protect against paint contaminants that can become expensive later on!

-She will see immediate benefits to detailing

How many times have we gotten a gift that takes time to set up?  It isn’t fun, and the joy of obtaining said gift can dim as one has to deal with complicated instructions or making time to have it work.  Details take only a few hours (many about two or three on average), and the benefits are immediate.  Swirl marks can disappear, the exterior can shine with a wash & wax, the interior looks and smells nice.  Since we also come with our own water and electric hookups, she wouldn’t even need to worry about having access to either of those.  We go in and make it happen, she just has to sit back and enjoy the results!


If you feel this is a great gift choice for your Mother’s Day celebration, feel free to check out our services and find the one you feel best fits before heading over to buy an online Gift Certificate.  We are also happy to answer any questions at 801-412-9274!  Enjoy Mother’s Day, and let us take care of the details.

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

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