Headlight Warranty

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Headlight Warranty

Headlights are an essential safety feature on cars because of their ability to make roadways optically clearer for drivers. Over time, the condition of headlights can deteriorate leaving them dull and chalky. Dull headlights can decrease a driver’s visibility which increases their chances of getting into a car accident. In order to ensure safer driving, our Headlight Protection covers the repair of damaged OEM headlights in the event that they become dull or faded. If headlight damage is beyond repair, we will replace the headlampAdditionally, a product will be applied at no cost to repaired or replaced headlights to prevent future dulling or fading.

Headlight Coverage

Covers the repair or replacement of damaged OEM headlights in the event that they become dull, faded or crack.

5 Years: $99

Maximum Benefit of $1000 per vehicle

Replacement of unrepairable headlight up to $500 per headlight

Available on new and used cars

Rental car reimbursement up to 3 days


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