Do you know of anyone individually or of a family going through some hard times financially, emotionally, physically, etc.? Do you believe getting their vehicle detailed would help them in some way?

We, the Onsite Detail Team, would like to brighten someone’s day as often as possible, by starting a new recurring program. We will start this program, by choosing at least 1 person per month, and we will detail their vehicle as we see fit.

    • This program is for you to nominate others
    • You cannot add yourself or a family member who shares the vehicle with you
    • You cannot enter someone who already got previously selected
    • You can choose to keep your name anonymous from your nominee
    • If your nominee is selected, we will notify you
    • We will not publicize the nominees’ info and their cause on any social networks without their consent.
    • Please don’t nominate any vehicles that have been exposed to hazardous materials or bodily fluids
    • Please don’t nominate anyone outside of Utah.
    • You and/or the nominee, must arrange for the vehicle to be brought to our Midvale, Utah shop.
    • You and/or the person you are nominating will not be spammed by our company.
    • We will not share or sell any of your personal information provided here.

Please call, email, or text us with any questions or concerns. We appreciate your interest in helping others.
(801) 412-9274

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