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– Boat Scum Removal

– Vinyl Seat Cleaning and Protection



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Boats in Utah have specific detailing and cleaning needs that vary greatly from a car, truck or SUV. These specific boat detailing needs should be attended to on a regular basis. Many parts on boats are fairly simple to maintain and protect, but if neglected or not taken care of properly can present large problems that are expensive and time consuming to repair. We have the proper knowledge and experience to detail a boat how it should be detailed. In Utah, our boats face a lot of conditions and elements that beat down on the surfaces. Gel coats oxidize, interior dry up and crack, hard water elements build up and make boats look older faster.

Our regular washing and detailing services for your boat, inside and out, will not only maintain its appearance but will help protect it from oxidation and other damages. We can clean and protect any vinyl, metal, plastics, decals, fiberglass or gel coat that it has. This includes maintaining the boat’s trailer and wheels. In addition to resisting oxidation and being more stain-resistant, a properly cleaned and waxed or sealed hull will glide through the water more smoothly and with less resistance. A protected boat is a happy boat. The more the boat is maintained and protected the longer it will last and the less you’ll be spending on trying to bring it back in the future.

Exterior Detailing

Our exterior boat restoration service can bring a poorly maintained gel coat back to a gloss and shine like new or better. Once restored we can protect it with wax, sealant or even ceramic coat the boat.

Washing – The fist step is getting all the dirt and grim off your boat.  We meticulously wash each and every inch of your boat to remove potentially harmful road grim, salt, or other harmful affects from the environment.

Drying – Next we carefully dry the boat to make sure it’s ready for a coat of high quality wax to be applied.  We hand dry your boat to ensure there are no steaks or smudges.

Waxing & Buffing – To protect the exterior of your boat we use a high quality wax and then buff it to a perfect shine.  This helps your boat shed water if it’s stored outdoors, and when you take it out on the water again.

Metal Polishing – For the railings, ladders, metal cleats, and other metal items on your boat we make sure to polish them to a showroom new shine.

Vinyl – For upholstery areas and other vinyl parts of your boat we remove stains, mold, grease, and rust.  We will help restore some of it’s youthful shine.

Glass – For the windows on your boat we will leave them streak and smudge free.

Interior Detailing

Our interior boat detailing services will bring back a neglected interior as well and help keep it in top shape. We can remove mold, mildew, spills and more.  A dirty and poorly maintained boat interior can lead to problems down the line that can ruin interior fabrics and vinyls. These are much more costly to repair or replace than just keeping it well maintained with proper detailing from the beginning.

Regular boat detailing is a must to maintain your boat’s appearance, keep it functioning well, and preserve its resale value. Plus it will make it much more pleasant to enjoy when you take it out on the lake with friends and family.

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Our BOAT DETAILING services include:

We offer a wide variety of boat washing and detailing services.