Semi Truck Detailing


– Semi Truck Washing
– Interior Semi Truck Detailing
– Semi Truck Carpet Shampoo
– Semi Truck Waxing
– Semi Truck Polishing & Buffing



*No minimum number of hours are required.
*Hourly service, price may be capped.

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Customers don’t want a nasty old rig to roll up hauling their goods, do they? Having a clean truck represents your driving company in a positive way. There is some belief that if you have a clean truck, you’ll be able to get through DOT inspections much easier. If you keep it looking good on the outside, chances are you are also taking time to keep clean log books and records. Believe it or not, it happens and is a way for inspectors to save time by judging a trucker by his truck. When you keep your semi truck washed, it can make it a lot easier to identify maintenance issues, such as oil leaks or broken taillight covers.

Semi trucks and other transport vehicles need as much if not more care than a typical personal vehicle because they are always out and about and can even serve as living space for some individuals. To keep the interior and exterior in good condition regular cleaning, detailing and protection are necessary. It also necessary to keep things clean and sanitary. With our interior detailing processes we steam clean and sanitize the interiors as well as condition and protect. We also can take care of all the various needs of the exterior.