Onsite Detail has been servicing the residents of Park City for many years now. We also have done many events that you can find below in the Park City area. We really love the area and enjoy our time that we have spent in Summit County. If you live in or near Park City please don’t hesitate to give us a call as we come to you at your convenience.





In November 2018 we were part of a Mercedes commercial shoot. They were unveiling the new all electric Mercedes Benz EQ. It was our job to make sure the vehicle was clean and protected for the right shots. We had to keep the windows clean for the many shots through the windows.




In 2012 we worked an event at Deer Valley and the Montage for Land Rover. They were showing about 120 new 2013 Range Rovers to the dealers and teaching about all the new features. One of these was the off-roading capabilities. The great part about this is every night they came back in they were covered in inches of mud… there was so much mud washing off these vehicles that it actually clogged the drains and they had to bring in a pump to get them working again. 


We had the opportunity of keeping brand new Porsche Panameras clean and detailed at the Montage Deer Valley a few years ago for an event. Each night we would come in and as the cars rolled in get them cleaned up after they had been out for the day driving around in all the beautiful scenery of Park City Utah and surrounding areas.



For years we have been taken care of various vehicles on display at various ski resorts across Park City for many years. We help keep them clean and looking good. We knock the snow off throughout the winter and help them shine all summer long.




For years we have been washing and detailing all kinds of RVs, trailers and 5th Wheels at the Park City RV resort. We are proud to be authorized (we are properly licensed and insured) to work at the Park City RV Resort.

If you have any questions about any of our detailing services in Park City, please call us below as we are always happy to help!


So I just got my car detailed the other day because we’re trying to sell it. I was amazed by the detail they put into cleaning my car. It honestly looks brand new, better than when I bought it used. If you ever need to sell a car, they for sure are the ones to call. They come to you!! Good prices, super nice, friendly people, and convenient. They came to my work and did a 2 hour job on my tiny Yaris. When I thought it would maybe take 30 mins. They do a heck of a job. I highly recommend Onsite Detail.


Taylorsville, UT

I found this company through Facebook and they had great reviews around the web so I thought i’d give them a shot. And well, to say the least, these guys far exceeded any other detailing experience I’ve had. For their basic wash they did what some guys call an exterior detail. They hand cleaned every last inch on my cars. They do real detailing. Not just a car wash detail.


Herriman, UT

My car is relatively new but I had really messed up the interior by doing my makeup in the car – getting powder all over everything. I also have spilled coffee on almost all of the seats. They sent a rep to my work, and he finished the job while I was inside! They did an excellent job at polishing my dashboard and cleaned every surface I could think of. It’s like brand new again! Love it!


Sandy, UT

Onsite Detail did a fantastic job with both my husbands and my vehicles. They were more than willing to go to both of our work locations at no extra cost and were extremely nice. We both did the full package interior detail, engine, hand wash and wax and my car never looked better! Nothing like a full deep clean after a long winter.


Salt Lake City, UT

Had them detail two of my vehicles now. One when I was selling it (they made my 189,000 miles car look almost new again). They’ve also been great with helping me keep my current cars in top condition as well. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.


Lehi, UT

I have had Onsite Detail clean my carpets in two vehicles. Both times I was completely happy with their attention to detail. I had recently spilled spaghetti sauce on one of my mats and it spread to all of the others when I tried cleaning them myself. I was worried I would have to look at that awful color the rest of my car’s life. They were able to get all of the mats looking so much better. You can barely see it now. I would recommend these guys to everyone. Thanks so much.


Sandy, UT

Most convenient way to get your car washed and detailed. They come to your home or your office. They take care of my BMW 750li that I am pretty picky about. They can make my wife’s Escalade, after being trashed on a road trip with kids, look so nice again. They can get my work truck shiny and clean after its been used and abused. Give these guys a call (or text them!, which is also so conveinent) and you won’t be disappointed.


Draper, UT

Onsite Detail is the best… Hands down! I’ve have others do work for me in the past. No one compares to their level of professionalism or attention to detail. So glad to have them on speed dial!


Orem, UT