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Emblem debadging is a process of precision and care. Debading a vehicle is the process of removing the manufacturer’s emblems, model lettering, numbers and other painted trim or decals from the paint. Along with the actual removal of the badges or other things on the paint it is necessary to properly remove all of the adhesive and then polish out the paint to make sure you get an even shine and gloss. Improper technique or process can result in damages such as scratches, chipped paint and markings of where the badge was located.

There may be many reasons why someone would remove emblems. Usually people want to remove emblems for looks or to remove any brand markings. It also makes cleaning and detailing the vehicle easier as wax does not build up around them and rags can’t get caught on them. It also makes paint correction easier because there are less of those weird, awkward edges to work on.


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