Event for the 2020 Nissan Titan

At Onsite Detail we offer detailing event services. We really enjoyed the different challenges that come with detailing event services. Earlier this year we had the opportunity to work a multi-day event washing and detailing brand new 2020 Nissan Titans for an event put on up in Wanship, Utah. We would come in at the end of each as the trucks were coming back in. They had been out all day with Nissan, photographers, press and other influencers. Some of these trucks were for offroading. Some went out fishing and others just drove routes to check out some of the cool new features.

Photo Credit @nissanusa (Instagram)

When they rolled back in we were able to check them out as well as we got them all cleaned up and detailed. As expected the offroading ones were covered in dust and caked in mud. Being the middle of November in the Utah mountains is was quite muddy in certain areas. Luckily throughout the event we had pretty good weather and didn’t get hit too hard with any rain or snow.

Some of the Titans went out pulling trailers and other toys to show their towing abilities as well. At this event we did have to adjust a little as the trucks came back at different times each day and and sometimes they came back pretty dirty inside and out. We really enjoy working these types of special detailing events and have really learned that changes in the detailing event services happen and adjustments need to be made. The team in charge at this event stayed on top of things and communicated well with us so that we could provide the best service possible. There was a couple nights that ran late and we were running into lighting issues. We ended using the lights from other trucks as spotlights to finish up the washes and then we could move into the parking garage for final touch ups.

We really enjoyed the opportunity of working on these cool trucks and meeting new people. If there are any types of detailing events that are need of vehicle care and cleaning and detailing maintenance we are very experienced in everything from car shows, film sets, auto events, car or drag races or even just vehicle displays. Our team can handle big and small jobs. As Utah’s #1 mobile detailing service we can also travel to the location of events and travel to various locations of the event as well.

Photo Credit @nissanusa (Instagram)

Photo Credit @nissanusa (Instagram)

If you have need for any of these detailing event services, feel free to reach to us and get a free estimate. Call or text us at (801) 412-9274. Email us at clean@onsitedetail.net. Or fill out request from to give us an idea of what yours needs are. We will work with you and help you make your life easier and help relief some of the stress of running an auto related event.

by Chris Blaisdell, CD-SV, Onsite Detail

Chris Blaisdell is the owner of Onsite Detail and has been detailing  for 12 + years.
He is a Certified Detailer-Skills Validated detailer through the
International Detailing Association. The industry leader in detailing standards.

Winter with Onsite Detail

Winter with Onsite Detail is awesome for you and your vehicle. Lots of people have tips for how to prepare for winter when it comes to cars. Lots of it is good- check your oil, gets snow tires, remember to take it slow on icy roads and avoid snow plows. Some of it is less than good, like throwing hot water on a frosted windshield. (Definitely do not do that!)

Preparing your vehicle for winter doesn’t have to be so complicated, and here at Onsite Detail we have plenty of services to help get you ready for a Utah winter. To keep it simple, this article will list the services we can do to help you, including a special limited-time deal at the end, so stay tuned!

Wash & Wax

We have a secret- we don’t use just any regular old wax. We use a hand paint sealant, which is more hydrophobic and protects from UV rays. It causes water to bead and fall away, and it lasts for 3-6 months. That’s a winter season and then some!

Cleaning your car with a Wash & Wax service before and during winter really arrives not only prepares it for the near future, but also protects your vehicle from any dirt that can damage it faster that you collected from the summer and fall. Even if you have already begun collecting salt on your wheels, we are happy to clean and protect your vehicle’s outer layers!

Headlight Restoration

Headlights are crucial in the dark months of winter, but even they need a little love. If you find your headlights are fogging up, we can help! For only $30 per pair of headlights, we can clear haziness caused by oxidation. This will dramatically increase brightness, which makes your car safer to drive in the dark and fog. Plus, it can help make a car look newer, which makes it a fun add-on!

Interior Detail

While weather typically affects the outside of cars, interiors should be considered as well. Mud and snow track in vehicles, and when it’s cold it’s not fun to clean the car despite this being a social and busy time for many! Any bacteria from trash, milk spills, or rotting food may be less prominent in the winter, but the warm seasons will mean they come back with a vengeance. You’re busy enough with the holidays, so let us clean the interior- your Christmas party dates will be thankful!

Windshield Treatment with Glassparency

Want to save money on wiper blades this winter? This is just one benefit of the many that comes with having us treat your windshield or windows with Glassparency. The rain, snow, and slush our cars get make seeing out of our windows difficult, and when the sun does come out, the ice around us can make a strong glare. Driving in Utah is hard enough!

Glassparency is a service and product we put on your windshield to help reduce glare and make it easier to clean. The biggest benefit? Liquids just glide right off! Customers who have gotten it say how they barely need to turn on their wipers when it rains because the Glassparency takes care of it for themselves. And with winter promising a few messy weather days, why not treat yourself to it? It won’t be for just one winter either, as it comes with a three year warranty! Speaking of which…

Onsite Detail Winter Deals!

The time has come to share our detail deals! To celebrate our successful shop opening this year, we have added two In-Shop specials lasting through January 31st of next year.

Glassparency is one of them! If you do an Onsite VIP Detail at our shop between now and January 31st, you receive the Glassparency Windshield Coating (service, product, and 3 year warranty) for FREE. The Onsite VIP Detail is an amazing winterizing service, offering all of the services listed before and more, like Clay Bar Treatment, Engine Detail, and Plastic Restoration! All of those services protect from elements and have advantages before the difficulty of winter sets in.

If you don’t need all those services but would like a good deal, you can opt for a Full Combo Detail instead. This is one of our most popular services, and if you bring it into the shop you receive a FREE Undercarriage Wash– an In-Shop exclusive that is normally $50-$100 in value!

If you want to take advantage of one of these winter deals, or otherwise schedule an appointment, you can call us at 801-412-9274 anytime or fill out a Request Form. We are happy to answer questions you may have as well! Winter with Onsite Detail is better than winter without Onsite Detail.

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

Detail My Mommy Vehicle? Is it Worth it?

Is i t worth it to detail my mommy vehicle?

Detail my mommy vehicle? Is it worth it? Back when I was detailing full time I would sometimes hear moms say things like, “I don’t really know if it’s worth it to get my car detailed, it’s going to be dirty again by next week”, or “I’ll probably need to have you come back very soon”. These might be thoughts you may or may not have had in thinking about getting your vehicle detailed. If we had this mindset with our homes, offices and other places we spend a lot of time, those places would never get cleaned and be pretty nasty and honestly unhygienic. There are many reasons to get your car detailed

For those with kids, a messy roommate, spouse or pet, you know that one hour of effort in cleaning can be easily reversed by a toddler in about 2.4 seconds. I totally get it. It’s a daily uphill climb to keep things clean and organized… but you know what? You still try to keep up with cleaning or a least tidying up. So I hope you can get a sense of the importance of having the same mentality with your vehicle. Especially if it’s your everyday vehicle, used for commuting, hauling kids and pets, bringing home loads of groceries, etc.

Detailing a dirty messy vehicle like that may sound about as annoying as trying to nail jello to a tree and keeping it clean may sound about as grueling as picking up leaves with a toothpick, but we’re here to help. We often get the minivan or SUV that is overdue for some love and help make it look, feel and smell like it was not recently the scene of a toddler melt down or soccer team victory party. Many of these vehicles that are used for your everyday errands may include vans and SUVs but that doesn’t exclude sedans and trucks that may be used as well.

It Is Worth it

Today I’m going to go over a few reasons why it’s not only a good idea but totally worth it to keep up with a regular deep cleaning of your everyday driver – even when it might be getting dirty all over again in the very near future. 

If you really think about it, the fact that your vehicle is going to be dirty again soon should be good reason why and a good idea to keep up with regular cleanings. If the “dirty messy monster” is going to be visiting again soon, without regular cleaning or detailing each visit will leave your car more and more dirty and gross. Who knows what could be going on and growing at the bottom of this mess. Especially with kids and if meals or snacks are going to be a part of your travels.

The Cheeseburger Story

I had an experience when I was detailing that involved finding a hidden treasure in the midst of an apparent dumpster explosion. As I was picking up all the trash I got to the carpet and discovered a moldy McDonalds cheeseburger. After dry-heaving my way through cleaning it up, I came to the conclusion that I was pretty sure it wasn’t biodegradable at that point. Although it was sprouting a whole new world under the cover of the cardboard and paper bag paradise.

You’d be surprised how big of a difference just taking the trash out of your car can make. Most of the time it’s the easiest part of the detail and can also make the biggest visual difference. Trust me, you don’t want to find a moldy cheeseburger (or moldy anything for that matter) in your car one day.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

Another reason that it is a good idea to keep the family taxi cleaned is because you never really know when someone else will need a ride. Going back to having a messy house, you know how horrifying it can be to let guests into your home when it looks like a bomb went off. The same thought process could be applied with having a dirty vehicle. Everyone has either been on the giving or receiving end of a ride and has either seen or had to throw bottles and trash in the back seat to open up room for a passenger. One of the easiest ways to keep your vehicle looking good is to at least keep the trash cleaned up. Having an Interior Detail done at least twice a year is highly recommended as well. It is much more motivating to keep a car clean when you put a little bit of effort into keeping and maintaining the clean. Which brings me to my next reason for keeping a clean vehicle.

Be Confident

Along with being motivating to keep a clean vehicle clean. It will also help with your confidence. It can be surprisingly empowering knowing that you have a clean car. I know that keeping your everyday vehicle is a lot easier said than done but I promise that it’s worth getting done. And if you don’t think you have the time to get it done. In addition to our in-shop detailing services we offer mobile detailing services as well. A good chunk of the business that we do are people’s everyday vehicles. People that don’t have time to drop cars off at our detail shop and we get that. Life doesn’t stop and we don’t expect you to put everything on hold so you can get your vehicle detailed. The mobile aspect of our company has brought us a lot of success and has allowed us to get to people that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get their vehicle detailed.

Maintenance Detailing

Frequent cleanings and details will also help protect the value of the vehicle. We offer yearly packages to help with the headache of keeping vehicles cleaned and protected. If/when the day comes to sell your vehicle, you will want to show a potential buyer that you have taken care of your vehicle. If someone can see that you have taken good care of your vehicle on the surface, they will automatically know or assume the vehicle’s overall condition is great as well. They will be able to determine that you have been taking care of things below the surface. If they can see, touch and smell that, they will be more confident in purchasing a vehicle that has been well taken care of.

I hope I helped you learn something today or at least shed some light on something that may sound like a headache. For those of you who may still not be sure if you should detail your mommy vehicle on a regular basis let me just share what a few of our customers have said;

“I’m so impressed. I am a mother that works full time and has two large dogs. My car was embarrassingly bad. I splurged on a full detail and couldn’t be happier. I had no idea my car could look new again. Thanks!” – Jennifer, American Fork, Utah
“These guys were actually recommended to me from a coworker. It was my first time getting my car detailed. To say i’m satisfied is an understatement! I have two Australian Shepard’s who are a mess. My car was in desperate need. He did an AMAZING job and was so kind. He spent a good amount of time on my car, and it looks brand new! Very cheap considering all he did. Thank you so much! Will use these guys in the future, and I highly recommend.” – Michele, Sandy, Utah
“I am trying to sell our van and I had Onsite Detail come out and perform a interior detail and was amazed at the job they did! Our van looks brand new inside! They were timely and professional and I am definitely using them again.” – Melissa, South Jordan, Utah
“I’ve been a monthly customer for ten years. The price, convenience, and impeccable quality can’t be beat!” – Erica, Orem, Utah

As I mentioned before, we are here to take away the headaches and the effort that it can take for a consumer to get their vehicle detailed. WE WILL COME TO YOU! You don’t need to leave your house. You don’t need to find another vehicle. You don’t need to make ride arrangements for your kids.


Let us know how we can help you and what you need done. We would love to be able to help make your life a little easier if we can. We look forward to hearing from you! Safe Travels!             

by Andy Stallings, CD, Operations Manager, Onsite Detail

Traveling in a Campervan, RV or with a Trailer?

At Onsite Detail we love working with people on their travel vehicles and toys, like RVs, boats and much more.  This made it extra exciting, then, when I got the chance to try out a vehicle type I had not heard of before when taking a trip to Iceland this last October: a campervan.

Campervans, for the uninitiated, are vans that have the back part of them converted for space to sleep and enjoy simple living, like a small RV.  While considering the best ways to travel, my friend and I chose a campervan because there are many benefits to them. For one, we did not have to coordinate renting a car and choosing hotels in advance, which gave us much more freedom to travel whenever and wherever we wanted.  For another, campervans are flexible in where they can go, easier to drive than big vehicles but providing more comfort than classic tent camping. This was a big plus considering we were going to a cold, windy country! It also helped us save money, as renting the campervan and paying campground fees were cheaper overall than renting a car and paying for hotels.  Our campervan also used diesel, which was cheaper, and ours had amazing gas mileage despite the size!

We rented the campervan for six days total, and in that process learned a lot about what it is like to live in one.  So whether you are a traveller looking to explore more freely or just a curious reader, here is some fun, free advice on what to expect and how to better your experience should you rent or buy one for yourself!

What to Expect

My friend and I had never ridden in a campervan before renting one, and only had photos from the internet for the company we rented from for reference.  We knew there were two seats in the front and the back was dedicated to storage and sleeping, though some had different setups.  

What we were not expecting was how much room was in the front and how little room there was in the back.  We had plenty of room for sleeping, but if we wanted to sit up, it was better to go to the front seats, which had tons of leg room.  Underneath the bed frame was room for lots of storage, including our carry-on luggage from the flight, so we also rented a folding table and chairs.  This gave us more surfaces to work on when cooking and more places to sit down, since sometimes we had to park facing something not so fun to look at, such as a wall or bushes. That being said, it had us thinking about when exactly we wanted to sleep, because climbing out of bed to the front seat and vice versa was a bit of work.  Check your setups in advance if you can, so you know what to expect, yours may have more room in the back!

It also helps to check in advance and see what it comes with. Ours came with basic cooking equipment, a single gas stovetop, and for an additional cost, a mobile wifi router.  Having a mobile wifi router is a big lifesaver when travelling, especially if you’re going to remote places. It not only saves you on using data, it allows you to use many internet-based apps and can protect you from using potentially unsafe wifi!  One last item we brought on was a cooler, as we were going to places that did not have many restaurants and some of our food required staying cool, such as lunch meats for sandwiches.

Before travelling, it is worth checking your route.  Campervans are small and height requirements are not usually an issue, but campgrounds may be limiting.  If yours requires an electric hookup, that may be another fee. You also will want drivers you can trust, as campervans can have big blind spots.  Ours had no side windows after the driver seats, only the window in the very back. This made backing up in busy parking lots tricky at times. Don’t be afraid to have your buddy help back you out!

Making It a Home

Even if it’s only for a few days, your campervan is going to be your home.  Therefore, here are a few suggestions on how to make it a home to enjoy!

If you are setting up your own campervan, consider what you may need.  Walk yourself through a day mentally and take note of what will be important.  You will want a setup for cooking and eating food, such as travel dishes. For the sleeping area, it brings peace of mind to hang curtains surrounding it so people can’t watch you sleeping or changing clothes.  Depending on the time of year, consider getting a heating system that runs when the van is off. Ours came with a battery operated heating system so we did not need to leave the van running all night, which charged while we drove during the day.

While it may be tempting to immediately drive off into the unknown, take a few minutes to set up your campervan.  Placing luggage and other big items like folding furniture where you can easily access it but not have it roll around is important, and will help keep you sane.  Nothing is more frustrating than needing to search for something in the dark that got away from you while you drove around.

Keep It Clean

While traveling, the thrill of adventure can keep you looking forward, but take a moment to check your surroundings for trash. We kept a plastic bag from a grocery store that was designated for garbage, and whenever we stopped at a gas station or for the night we would find a place to toss it out.  It may be tempting to want to just ignore it, but small spaces get dirty quickly. Doing a little each day can do a lot in the long run.

One item I recommend splurging a little on is microfiber towels.  These kinds of towels dry faster and absorb more liquid, which is useful for cleaning the van, your dishes, or using on yourself after a shower or swimming. You don’t have much space to dry a towel, so treat yourself to one that doesn’t need long to dry in the first place.  We would use one to wipe the windshield of rain or dew, then let it hang off the car door while we prepared for the day. By the time we left, it was dry enough to store! 

Finally, take the time to maintain your campervan. If travelling to areas with less people, consider filling up your campervan when it is at half tank rather than closer to empty.  Also be aware what it is capable of- our campervan, for example, could not go off roading because it was a two wheel drive. This helped us determine when to avoid a certain path that could potentially be dangerous to drive on.

Give It A Name

Also, consider naming your campervan for the fun of it. We lovingly named ours Stevan. Ste-van, get it? Nevermind…

Owning or Renting

Whether you own or you’ll be renting a campervan, RV, trailer or any travel vehicles, consider having them cleaned and maintained with us at Onsite Detail! You’ll save big on cleaning fees when you return it clean and smelling fresh. We enjoy your travel stories as much as we enjoy a job well done, so take a look at what services we offer and see if any fit your needs. We are happy to take care of the details, just reach out via call or text to (801) 412-9274 or request an appointment online.

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

Why does my vehicle’s paint feel rough?

Why does my vehicle’s paint feel rough?

Have your ever run your hand across your freshly washed vehicle but it does not clean? Like maybe you didn’t get all the dirt off in the wash process. It seems that the paint has lost that clean smooth, “like-glass” feeling that it once had. Maybe you’ve also noticed that the water “sticks” to the paint and does not run off like it did when it was new. It now feels a bit like sandpaper.

The paint looks fine but what is going on? Is the paint ruined? 

If your paint looks like its in good condition but feels rough to the touch it means your vehicle’s paint has contaminants embedded into it. No worries. This is actually normal and will happen to any vehicle that sees driving time on Utah roads. Things from the environment and things that kick up from the road stick to and get embedded in the vehicle’s paint. This might be things like road grime, micro dirt, tiny metal shavings, over spray, hard water deposits and a myriad of other things that find their way into the clear coat of your vehicle’s paint.

How can this be remedied? How can I fix my rough feeling paint?

There are many different types of contaminants so there are many different ways to take care of the paint contamination. The main way and the most common is after a good wash to do a clay bar treatment to lift any contaminants off the surface. Sometimes a clay bar is not enough or not necessarily the best way to remove certain things. Sometimes it is necessary to use solvents to loosen up things like tree sap or tar. There are other kinds of things that are best broken down and removed with iron removers and/or mild acids.

There are other issues that can be caused by surface contaminants that have been left too long and not taken care of such as paint etching. Paint etching is when the contaminants have actually damaged the clear coat. Things such as hard water deposits and bird droppings are the most common culprits of etching. Anything that is acidic can be the worst if it sits and has the chance to eat into the clear coat.

If etching is the issue of why your paint feels rough the only way to remedy this is with some wet sanding and paint correction or polishing. For more info on that please read our previous blog here;


Can getting contaminants in paint be prevented?

There is no true way to never get any contaminants in your paint or on the surfaces of your vehicle, but there are for sure ways to help maintain and protect your paint. The best way to maintain is to continue to frequently decontaminate the surfaces of your vehicle.

The best way to protect your vehicle is to have a ceramic coating professional installed. With a professionally installed ceramic coating you are going to get a complete decon and paint correction and then years of warrantied protection.

A coating is not invincible and it can be contaminated but it is a lot more resistant and durable than regular clear coat. To maintain the coating proper care needs to be taken and decon washes/details are still a part of that.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or to schedule an appointment for us to take care of your vehicle.

by Chris Blaisdell, CD-SV, Onsite Detail

Chris Blaisdell is the owner of Onsite Detail and has been detailing  for 12 + years.
He is a Certified Detailer-Skills Validated detailer through the
International Detailing Association. The industry leader in detailing standards.

How To Properly Use Dressing On Your Vehicle

In my few but valuable years of detailing, I have learned many things that I have been able to use many times. Some things have been learned easily and some things have taken a little more time. There have been many bumps along the road of learning but overall is a rewarding field. Today, I’m going to talk about a small thing I’ve learned but also something that has, in my opinion, helped me have much more confidence in the final product of any detail I was a part of. I will be focusing on the correct way to use interior dressing today. Dressings can be used in a few different ways on different surfaces. I will go over some of the different uses and how to properly apply the dressing to the different materials that it can be used for.

Water Based Dressing Can be Applied to Multiple Surfaces

With the multiple surfaces that the dressing can be applied to, it should be applied differently with each surface. On some surfaces you can spray the dressing directly onto it, others will need the dressing sprayed on a rag then wiped onto the surface, and on other surfaces dressing may be applied with a sponge and small amount applied to it, then the surface. The last application will mostly be for plastic trimmings on the exterior of the vehicle, I will explain more later. 

Applying Dressing on the Exterior of Your Vehicle

I will begin on the exterior of the vehicle. The first and most popular place that a detailer might think of using dressing on the outside of the vehicle is on the tires. You will want to make sure that any surface that is applied with the dressing is thoroughly cleaned. After a good wash and scrubbing of the tires. Be sure to inspect them to make sure they are free of any mud, brake-dust, road debris, and any other contaminants that may have attached itself to the rubber of the wheel. After spraying the dressing to the wheel you can leave it to absorb itself into the tire. A slightly more effective way to make sure that the dressing is more evenly applied to the wheel is to have a soft bristle brush on hand and to run the brush around the tire and to check all the areas of the tire to ensure coverage the tire, it will also allow for quicker absorption.

Another area that dressing can be applied to on the exterior is the plastic trim. Some areas that may have the plastic trim may be found around the bumpers, plastic trim on the wheel wells, if it’s a truck you will most likely see plastic trimming running along the top edges of the truck bed. A good way to apply to these areas is with a sponge or rag. Read our past blog on Restoring Faded Plastic. Instead of spraying directly onto the surface you will apply it to the sponge or rag you are using and then administer to the desired surface. If you have a bottle-top lid, it will make it more easy to control the amount of dressing that you apply to the area.

The final exterior area that I will talk about it the plastic and vinyl areas under the hood on the engine. After a good degreasing and steam clean or pressure washing, spraying dressing on the plastic and vinyl areas will help brighten up and protect the plastic under the hood. You can spray the dressing while the engine compartment is still wet. What I like to do is to spray it and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before I go back to do the touch up work with a rag. As you wipe the dressing into the plastic you will notice the plastic look much more healthy and bright.

Applying Dressing to the Interior of Your Vehicle

Now we will move to the inside of the vehicle. There are a couple surfaces that I will be going over that you can apply dressing to. In my experience, it absolutely NEEDS to be applied the correct way to work and look the way it’s intended. Something that helped me realize how I needed to apply and treat the dressing was realizing that dressing has a very similar texture and feel as hand lotion. When you think about how you apply lotion to your hands. You don’t just squirt it into your hand, spread it, and leave it. That can end up being messy and kind of gross. Not just for you but for people you may come in contact with. For the lotion to work the way it needs to, you have to make sure it is applied correctly so that will will moisturize and protect your skin. As it is with applying dressing, you don’t want to just put it on the surface and leave it. For the dressing to do the job that it’s designed to do, it needs to be applied correctly and have the time put into it that it deserves. Rubbing it into the surface will make all the difference. It won’t take very much time but it makes the surface look better and also will add to the protection and quality of the surface.

Hard Vinyl and Plastic Dressing

The first surface I will talk about are the vinyl and plastic surfaces. These surfaces usually consist of the dashboard and door panels. As with the exterior surfaces, you will want to make sure that the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. To apply the dressing, spray the dressing onto a folded microfiber rag and rub it into the surface. Take the time to make sure all of the areas are reached and have dressing applied evenly. It’s not a bad idea to look over areas that have had dressing applied to to make sure the surface took to the dressing and that all the desired areas have been reached. A good indicator that the dressing has been well applied is after application is running your finger over the surface and if none of it to very very little comes off on your finger then it has been applied appropriately.

Leather Dressing

The second surface is leather seats. You can also use leather treatment if the condition of the seat requires the leather conditioner. You will also want to make sure that the seats are deep cleaned and are also rubbed into the leather properly. Depending on what kind of leather or vinyl seats there are different kinds of dressings and conditioners to use.


As you’ve seen, dressing will be one of the final steps that are part of the detail. Some areas that you will want to avoid are any areas that the feet touch. It will be tempting but areas that have dressing applied and have a wet shoe touch it becomes very slippery and can make it dangerous for the driver and passengers. Floor mats, running boards on the exterior, and most importantly, the driver pedals. DO NOT apply dressing to the pedals. The steering wheel is another place that can usually be not hit. If you are feeling really ambitious and make sure that the steering wheel is completely dried of any dressing then you may. With as much as the steering wheel is touched, I just try to make sure that the steering wheel is cleaned very well and then feel it out from there as far as the dressing goes.

I hope you learned something about dressing. It is a simple but useful product that can make the vehicle look brand new if used correctly. Safe Travels!!

by Andy Stallings, CD, Operations Manager, Onsite Detail

Winter Prep Detailing

Getting Ready for Winter

In Utah, the hardest thing we put our vehicles through is the winter. Winter time in Utah causes all kinds of problems for our vehicles. Not only is the cold weather hard on the engine and other mechanical parts but cosmetically our vehicles take a beating during the cold season.

During the Utah winter it is impossible to avoid getting snow, ice and road grime on your vehicle. Now modern vehicles are made to withstand some of “the elements” but they are not invincible to them. The longer we let these things sit on our cars the more potential there is for damage such as scratching, corrosion and cracking. The most common type of damage is scratches in the paint. As snow and ice slide around on the surface of a vehicle with embedded dirt within, it will cause damage. This also occurs as we “brush” snow off our cars. Unfortunately sometimes this type of scratching is inevitable but the more carefully it is done the more chances we have that we are not harming the paint. I have seen instances where people have literally gouged the paint with the ice scraper. Please do not use the ice scraper for paint. It is intended for windows only. It can also help to warm the car before starting to clean off the snow and ice to help melt and loosen up some of the ice and snow.

Vehicle Damage during Winter

The relentless attack on your vehicle from the road salt and chemicals that are used to melt snow and ice will slowly eat away your vehicle’s exterior surfaces, including paint, plastic, rubber and metal. Even interior surfaces will get contaminated with salt and chemicals when you track them in after walking through the winter wonderland that surrounds us. Have you ever noticed that white build up on your interior carpets or mats? That is road salt that has been dissolved in water and reappears as the water evaporates. It left untouched all winter it will build up and slowly caused irreversible damage. This is why winter prep detailing is so important to avoid unnecessary damage.

Protect Your Vehicle

As mentioned above the winter is really hard on your vehicle. This means you should be doing everything you can to protect your vehicle if you want to preserve it and keep it in its best shape. Both interior and exterior surfaces are needing extra care and attention to help them endure the constant attacks from the environment. We offer exterior, waxes, sealants and even ceramic coatings to protect paint all year round but especially during the winter months. Having a ceramic coating installed will help to minimize this issue as these types of coating are much more scratch resistant than vehicle paint. Ceramic coatings also make it harder for things to stick to or sit on the surface which makes it easier to clean. The ultimate protection would be our Opti Coat Pro+ with a 7 year warranty. We also offer Glass Coatings to help with the pesky ice build up on the glass during the winter. We also offer fabric and leather protection for your vehicle interiors.

One thing that is very important before your vehicle can be properly protected is the proper cleaning and detailing. Interior dirt and grime must be removed and everything sanitized. The exterior must be fully decontaminated and properly prepared so the protection can properly attach to and bond with the surfaces. We offer many different levels of full details from the Basic Combo Detail to our Onsite Elite Detail depending on what your vehicle needs and what you want.

Winter Prep Detailing

Winter vehicle preparation detailing is a very important in Utah. When a vehicle is not properly cared for it only shortens the life and resale value of it. Too many people don’t realize how hard winter can be on their car and wait until spring to address the issues. By then the detailing can be significantly more costly. Please give us a call, send us a text (801) 412-9274 or e-mail if we can help with your winter prep detailing needs. Or you can fill out an Appointment Request Form.

by Chris Blaisdell, CD-SV, Onsite Detail

Chris Blaisdell is the owner of Onsite Detail and has been detailing  for 12 + years.
He is a Certified Detailer-Skills Validated detailer through the
International Detailing Association. The industry leader in detailing standards.

Paint Correction vs Paint Perfection

Fixing Vehicle Paint, Paint Correction vs Paint Perfection

There are many different perspectives on paint correction vs paint perfection. There are many misconceptions about “fixing” scratches and defects in vehicle paint. The only truly “correctable” part of vehicle paint is the clear coat. Clear coat is the upper most part or the top layer of vehicle paint and is clear (pigment-less) paint that provides UV protection to the other layers of paint beneath it. It is also responsible for the gloss and shine of the vehicle’s paint. The clear coat in modern paint systems varies in thickness from approximately 1.5 mils to 4 mils. A mil is a standard unit of measurement meaning one thousandth of an inch, or .001 of an inch. In other words, it would take 1000 mils to make an inch. Paint is also measured in microns, which is a metric unit of measure meaning 1 millionth of a meter. There is approximately 25.4 microns in 1 mil.

Clear coat paint is only so thick. This means that if a scratch is deep enough you cannot fully “repair” it or even “hide” it without a re-spray, which means getting it repainted. In many cases though paint can undergo the process of paint correction, which means polishing it or smoothing it out as much as possible.

Is there such a thing as paint perfection?

The simple straightforward answer is no. There is truly no perfect paint in the world. Even a freshly painted vehicle will have some minor paint imperfections or contamination and have the “need” for some paint correction.

The most common types of paint imperfections are below. There are many others that include oxidation (faded paint), clear coat failure (clear coat is gone and exposing color layer), dirt nibs, crow’s feet (small cracks in paint), solvent pop (air bubbles that are trapped in curing clear coat) and more. Some of these problems can be solved with paint decontamination, wet sanding, paint correction or polishing, but unfortunately some cannot. 

Some imperfections are very superficial and can actually be fully removed, others can only be improved and then there are some that are just too deep into the paint.

Too much Paint Correction

If someone goes too hard on paint correction it can cause damage or burn through the clear coat. Even if someone does not burn through the clear coat but cuts it thin then it increase the chances of future clear coat failure. This is the reason we try to save every little bit of clear coat we have and always go with the least aggressive method first.

When we are doing paint correction we are not going for perfect paint. We are simply going for getting the paint to look as best as possible without ruining the clear coat or opening it up too much and risking that the clear coat fails down the road. With most scratches we are not going for complete 100% removal but we smooth them out to decrease the light that reflects off them so they are not seen. 

There is a fine line between getting it to appear perfect and going too deep in the clear coat. In other words it takes proper training and experience to truly get it right.

Protection After Paint Correction

Now, I say there is no perfect paint but there are obvious differences between a well maintained show car and a daily driver that sees all sorts of weather and abuse. There are many different levels of paint correction and each vehicle and budget is different so there options available to everyone.

 After paint is corrected there are many options as far as protection goes. Waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings are different options. Many final polishes have a sealant or wax build in that can be applied as the final polish is being done. These usually fill in the remaining minor scratches as well and make is shiny and glossy. This effect is only temporary though. The fillers, waxes and sealants will wear away and reveal the scratches again at some point.

Ceramic Coatings

For newer and show cars we highly recommend a ceramic coating for the best protection possible. We offer coatings with warranties from 2 to 7 years. Read our previous blogs about coatings to find out more;

What is a ceramic coating?

Why should you get a ceramic coating on your vehicle

Onsite Detail is Certified to install Opti Coat Professional Coatings and Inspiration Ceramic Coating. Our ceramic coating process involves full paint decontamination, paint correction and installation of the coating.

Let Us know if  We can Help

Feel free to reach out to us for any paint correction needs you may have. You can always text us photos at (801) 412-9274 to help us give you a better estimate and get a good idea of what you’re needing. We love taking care of and protecting vehicles for both fleets and personal use. 

by Chris Blaisdell, CD-SV, Onsite Detail

Chris Blaisdell is the owner of Onsite Detail and has been detailing  for 12 + years.
He is a Certified Detailer-Skills Validated detailer through the
International Detailing Association. The industry leader in detailing standards.

Restoring Foggy Headlights

Picture yourself in this scenario…if you will. You’re driving at dusk as the sun is going down and you turn your headlights on. You’re needing to squint and possibly lean forward because you don’t feel like you can see that well. There are two possible reasons for this. Either your eyes are bad and you should get contacts or glasses for driving or you need to get your foggy headlights restored. If you can drive down the road with your brights on and you’re not offending anyone, then you need to think about restoring foggy headlights. When I say restoring, I don’t mean that you need to buy new ones. Having foggy headlights rarely means that you need to replace them. Prices to restore them can vary but are usually reasonable. More commonly than not though, it is extremely worth it when you discover the difference it makes. Both with how well they look and how much better you will be able to see at night.

I have been taught a few different methods of restoring foggy headlights and there are many ways to successfully bring back the clarity of your headlights. I will go over the method that I have discovered works best for us here at Onsite Detail and that produce the results that I have been most pleased with.

Headlight Restoration Prep Work

Before restoring foggy headlights, you will want to make sure that the headlights are free of any bugs, dirt, bird poop, etc. It’s important but not vital because those contaminants will usually be the first and easiest things to come off but personally I don’t want those things to contaminate the sanding and/or buffing pads that I will be using on the headlights. That’s why I will clean them off and decontaminate them before I begin the headlight clarification process.

In most instances and depending on your experience and also what products will be used, you will want to tape off around the edges of the headlight, especially in areas where rubber trim or paint sits close. You will want to apply the tape to the paint and you will want to make sure you are using masking or painters tape as to not cause potential damage to those areas from overly sticky adhesives. You will want to do this for a couple reasons. The first and most important reason is you will want to protect the paint of the areas that are surrounding the headlight. If you are wet sanding the headlights, you will not want to have a slip of hand (or buffer) and get the paint. In most cases if this happens it is correctable but having the headlight taped off will decrease the chances of hitting the paint and damaging it dramatically. The other reason is just to isolate the area you are working on.

The other product you will want to have on hand is a showroom shine or something to keep the headlight wet and lubricated. If you’re going to be wet sanding the headlight, you will want to make sure that you keep the headlight wet. This will keep the sanding pad from getting too hot and also soften the contaminants on the headlight to make them easier to remove. Sidenote: If you have someone else there have them spray the headlight while you are wet sanding to make it a little easier. If someone else isn’t there, be sure to stop periodically to re-spray the headlight.

There are a couple different sizes of pads you can use and you will want to make sure you have the proper backing plates. If you have foam backing plates those will help to conform to the curves and edges of the headlight.

Each step will take 3 to 5 mins on each headlight. The pads for wet sanding you will want to have on hand is a 1500 grit, either a 3000 or 5000 grit, and a finishing foam pad. You will want to make sure that the pads are safe for wet sanding.

The Headlight Restoration Process

To begin, spray a generous amount of showroom shine onto the headlight and begin with the 1500 pad. If I were to describe the amount of pressure to apply to cooking steak I would say that the amount of pressure would be medium to medium-well. You can laugh at that analogy but when you really think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. That and I kind of want steak, but I digress.

As I said before, you will want to make sure that you keep the headlight wet. Without wiping off the headlight, spray more of the showroom shine and continue making sure to evenly wet sand every area of the headlight. When finished with this step, you will want to wipe off the headlight with a clean microfiber rag. There is a good chance that the headlight will have a foggy look to it. Do not panic, this is normal. This is where the next step happens.

You will replace the 1500 grit pad with the 3000 or 5000 grit wet sanding pad. Sometimes depending how bad the headlights were to begin with. If they were really bad, you can add a step by attaching the 5000 grit pad and going through the same process that I just explained. Remembering once again, to keep spraying the headlight with the showroom shine. Of course going through the same process with the 3000 grit pad. After wiping off the showroom shine from headlight after this step you will notice that the headlight will be very close to what many would describe as “crystal clear”.

The Finishing Step

The final step that you will want to do is to put on the finishing pad and grab some sort of a polish that is infused with a wax or sealant. This will insure that the headlight clearness will last longer and preserve what you just worked so hard to accomplish. For the polish, you do not need to keep the headlight wet but it is a smart idea to give the finishing pad a spray or two of the showroom shine. You will not need a lot of product on the pad. You don’t need to do this step twice but I like to do it for good measure. With a clean dry rag, wipe off the excess and you will discover the brand new headlight that you will be excited to see the difference at night with. Sounds like something weird to be excited about but I promise you will be. If you want go ahead and do an exterior detail as well to get the whole car up to par with the newly restored headlights. I hope you learned something about restoring foggy headlights. It doesn’t cost much and you will be that much safer driving in the dark. Safe Travels!

by Andy Stallings, CD, Operations Manager, Onsite Detail

What Sets Our Detailers Apart

There are some questions I receive regularly when helping schedule our detailing services.  Things like how long a service takes, how much it costs, and where we are located pop up daily, if not hourly.  One question has begun to arise, however, and that is how good our detailers are.  

I personally can say firsthand I know how good our detailers do, as I have seen the fruits of their labor on many vehicles, including the cars of my family!  However, our detailers are more than that. They are skilled, hardworking, and care about the job they perform. So today, I’m going to take the opportunity to put our detailers in the spotlight and share what makes them amazing!

  1. They are experienced and professional

Every so often I get a question about our detailers, namely if they actually know what they are doing or if they are some high school summer hire.  Each of our detailers has been doing this job for a long while, and whenever we hire someone new they are trained thoroughly and given time to learn our processes fully, having another detailer work with them until they are deemed ready to work solo.  This helps perpetuate the work ethic and tone of the company, and allows the new person many chances to learn a variety of tasks. We are continually doing trainings to refresh our knowledge and to stay up to date with the most efficient and effective ways to complete details. Since we are a small company, we also get to know each other more personally, allowing us to explore strengths and weaknesses to help raise each other up.  They love a chance to show how professional they are, something we are always glad for! 

  1. They are IDA certified

The International Detailing Association, or IDA, states on their website that “leading industry association for professional detailing operators, suppliers, and consultants to the industry. The association is dedicated to promoting the value of professional detailing services, the recognition of professional detailing as a trade, and empowering detailing industry professionals at each stage in their career.”  Part of our being involved with this association is that our detailers undergo a special certification which includes a ten-part exam and a practical test of their ability. When presented with this opportunity, many of our detailers have risen to the challenge, and all who have risen to it succeeded! When our detailers arrive on the job, you can rest assured they know what they’re doing- the IDA has declared it so.  

  1. They love a job well done

Our detailers come from all different backgrounds and can be very different from one another.  But if there is one thing they all have in common, it is knowing they’ve done a job very well.  

We have given them all kinds of seemingly impossible tasks, and they have stepped up time and time again.  Recently, we had given one of our detailers a minivan that had been neglected for so long it had maggots and pests in it.  He worked for hours in the hot sun, not once complaining, and made it like new on the inside. Our detailers love sharing their before and after photos with each other, and are not quick to give up on a tough job.  Another example was when a detailer got a boat that was huge and needed oxidation removal all over. Not only did he work all day on it, another detailer came to help when he had finished his own work. This got the job done in good time and made it shine!  After customers leave from in-shop jobs they often come up to me and ask if the customer was happy, which shows how important it is to them.

  1. They communicate with clients

Some companies train their workers to try and sell the most expensive products or sneak in services to charge later.  Our company does not care for this method, and to support that image, our detailers take great care in talking to their customers and clients about the work they are doing and making recommendations on what is best for each situation.

Our detailers talk to you through multiple steps of the process if needed – they will call upon arrival or when on the way if you request it, and they will contact you if they feel your vehicle needs a little extra work.  If you are doing a service like boat or RV detailing, which is hourly, they will discuss how long they believe it will be and tell you about any changes before going through with them. This allows you to say yes or no to a service, and prevents surprise or otherwise unwanted charges.  Our goal is to do our best based on what you want, and if you become a regular customer, you can request the same detailer to come again.  

  1. They work all year

Some people believe we are only open when the weather is good, but this is not entirely true.  Our detailers are prepared to work in all kinds of weather conditions, which allows us to stay open during the winter.  You may be thinking, why would I want to get a detail in the wintertime? We answer that in this blog: https://onsitedetail.net/blog/top-10-reasons-why-its-more-important-to-detail-your-car-during-the-winter/

When hot weather strikes, our detailers know to stay hydrated and keep cool.  In rainy weather, they call ahead to confirm if you still want your detail done and help find ways to make it work.  Snowy weather doesn’t deter them either, especially since we have garage areas in-shop that they can work out of if you don’t have a garage or other coverage!  Our detailers don’t just appear for a few months to work, they stick with us all year, and are more than happy to come out and work in any situation. Even if the weather isn’t great, call in!  They’ll be eager to make it work and get the job done for you.

We at Onsite Detail could go on forever about our detailers and the good work they do.  Our company would not be possible without them! If you want to thank your detailer for the hard work they do, give them a compliment, leave them a good review on Google or any of our social media, or give them a tip for a job well done- even a small one will get the message across.  Let us know you’re looking for a detail through a call or our Request Form, and we will take care of the details!

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail