What are some benefits of headlight restoration?

Some may ask, what is headlight restoration? It is the process in which headlights are refinished when discolored due to excessive oxidation that builds up over time causing haze on the lens. This could be caused from the sun, heat, other weather elements, road debris, and some chemicals used on the headlights. You’ll see this when headlights begin to yellow or fade.

oxidized headlight
Foggy/Faded/Oxidized Headlight before Restoration


The Benefits of having your headlights restored include:

  • Removes oxidation
  • Removes light scratches 
  • Increase visibility and safety 
  • Helps maintain the value of your vehicle 
  • Save you money on purchasing new headlights

These are only a few reasons why restoring headlights is beneficial to you and your vehicle!

Headlight restoration is very important when it comes to safety! Having oxidation on your headlight will cause visibility issues both to you and other vehicles on the road.

How long will headlight restoration last?

Restoring the headlight will last six months to one year depending on what conditions the headlights see. Once that time is reached, the oxidation will not be as severe and can easily be removed with a buffing compound.



We also offer a 5 year Transparent Headlight Warranty for only $99 on top of the restoration cost to give your headlights the best protection possible. With this warranty we also install a ceramic coating over the headlights to ensure maximum protection.

by Josh Hart, Onsite Detail

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