Commercial Shoot Detailing for Mercedes-Benz EQ

At the end of November last year I had the cool opportunity to help out and do some commercial shoot detailing for Mercedes Benz up near Woodland, Utah and also near Echo, Utah at the Kozy Cafe. If you’ve never been up that way, the scenery is absolutely beautiful. It was only a two day shoot but was cool to be a part of it and see the commercial come together. The commercial was produced by Xortium Creative Studios.

The idea behind the commercial was to feature how the new electric vehicle is quiet and drives smooth. There was a family inside singing Christmas carols. Well, better than me trying to explain it, you can watch it.

It was my job to keep the pre-production Mercedes Benz EQC clean for the shoot. Most of the work I did ended up being keeping windows clean so they could film shots through the windows.

I was also in charge of cleaning the snow off of the car when it came down hard a few times. The snow was off and on for both days.

The second day of shooting I was pretty anxious to get some actual detailing in. I arrived early to the location and waited for the trailer to show up with the Mercedes. Once they had it pulled out and set up where I could get my hands on it I proceeded to give a good water-less wash and get all the road grime from the day before and early morning filming off. I finally got it cleaned up and ready for filming for the day.

I really enjoyed the experience of commercial shoot detailing and getting know some of the people that were also there working on the project.

Onsite Detail offers a variety of services, both to customers at their locations and at the shop. Detailing cars is not the only thing they do. Onsite Detail also cleans, restores and protects boats, RVs, semi-trucks, airplanes, etc. They have the ability to service fleets with hundreds of vehicles as well with regular maintenance washing and detailing. They also can provide services for special events, car shows, display vehicles, vehicle detailing for filming or commercial shoot detailing, dealership detailing, etc. With extensive experience in all of these detailing categories, Onsite Detail stands alone as Utah’s best resource for all of your detailing needs.

by Chris Blaisdell, CD-SV, Onsite Detail

Chris Blaisdell is the owner of Onsite Detail and has been detailing  for 12 + years.
He is a Certified Detailer-Skills Validated detailer through the
International Detailing Association. The industry leader in detailing standards.

Onsite Detail at Mobile Tech Expo Orlando 2019

Another Year gone!

Mobile Tech Orlando 2019 was another great experience for me. This year mobile tech moved into a new venue and education day, the expo and everything was bigger and better. There are some amazing things going on the detailing industry and overall the standards are being elevated for one to call himself or herself a “professional detailer”.

I find it amazing as well how one detailer to another are willing to offer help and advice on how to improve themselves. Not just as detailers, or even as business persons but as human beings. I never thought this was possible until I joined the International Detailing Association. It is there that I found a home and like individuals with similar passions and ambitions to see the detailing world unite and lift each other up.

Again this year the education classes were absolutely worth the trip even if there was nothing else going on. The only problem with the education day is that I cannot be in multiple classes at once.

Last year at Mobile Tech I was inspired to continue to learn more, to better myself and my business. Soon after I returned I signed up for the online Certified Detailer exams. After completing those and receiving my certification I decided I would also take the Skills Validated test. Unfortunately there were not many, if any at all, that were close enough for me to attend. So this year at Mobile Tech I signed up early for the SV testing. I was a little nervous before just not knowing what exactly to expect but felt confident in my knowledge and skills as a detailer. I really felt that it was a good experience to go through to help me understand how to better train my own employees.

One of the coolest things about Mobile Tech is the networking with detailers, whether they are a one man show or an owner of multiple detail shops or even a distributor of detailing products or equipment. It is really awesome to see all of these different types of detailers and business people get together and offer up their own wisdom and experience to help each other out and make the whole detailing industry better.

Art Baca, Owner, CD-SV, Art of Detail

A great example of this was a class given on Friday afternoon by Art Baca who is the owner of Art of Detail in New Mexico. His class was not really detailing relate. He shared a lot about his personal experiences and how and what made him successful. He talked about all the many mentors he has had over the years and how it helped him change his mindset and they way viewed the world. This was an awesome class to be a part of and one of those experiences that makes you rethink the “why” behind everything that you do and helps to make sure you’ve got your priorities in order.

I was also able to be in a class that was taught by Marty Hill of Total Auto Solutions, DJ Patterson of Eco Green Mobile Detailing and Ben Kaden of Green Cleen A Detail Company. They talked about the impacts of the detailing industry on the environment and the precautions need to be taken and things that can be done to minimize any negative impacts that a detailing operation can have. They also presented some new and innovative ideas and things they are doing to make the detailing industry go “green”. It was awesome to see what can be done to kick the use of potential pollution and contamination. We are definitely going to be implementing some of these things here at Onsite Detail.

All Mobile Tech 2019 was a great success for me personally and for the business. This is one of those events that I will not want to miss out on in the future and will always try to make sure I blocked it out in my calendar far in advance.

Thanks to all who I met with and all who helped motivate me and increase my knowledge and skill. I hope to continue to network and work with you in the future.

I hope to all of you at the first Mobile Tech Expo Las Vegas this year!

by Chris Blaisdell, CD-SV, Onsite Detail

Chris Blaisdell is the owner of Onsite Detail and has been detailing  for 12 + years.
He is a Certified Detailer-Skills Validated detailer through the
International Detailing Association. The industry leader in detailing standards.

5 Things We Love at Onsite Detail

Love is in the air, and we at Onsite Detail are not immune!  We are already gearing up to clean vehicles as part of your perfect date night.  Be it shining up your car’s exterior from last week’s winter storm or deep cleaning the inside for peace of mind as you go to your dinner reservation, we are ready to get detailing!

However, even us employees have things we love as a company.  This blog is being written to recognize five of the biggest things we love here at Onsite Detail, starting with:

  1. Our Customers!

We love our customers for so many reasons.  If you have ever had a service from us you’ve done more than help give us an income.  As a mobile company having so many places to go and things to do lets our detailers see something different every day, and they appreciate it!

One of our detailers just the other day expressed how one of the perks of the job is its different scenery every day.  They go through cities, neighborhoods, businesses, and nature areas of all kinds while on the job and meet all kinds of different people, young and old, native and non-native.  When I talk to people on the phone I hear stories from people of all backgrounds. No matter who it is, everyone has something in common that we also love.

  1. Messes!

Marie Kondo of the Netflix series Tidying Up isn’t the only one who loves mess!  As a detailing company there is nothing more satisfying than bringing a car from filthy to like new.  We have handled many kinds of messy or tricky scenarios, from pet hair and kid’s snacks on the inside to removing oxidation and tar on the outside.  And this isn’t just limited to just cars!

  1.   All Vehicles!

While we love helping all makes and models of car, we don’t stop at cars.  We have also done:

Utah Boat Detailing Onsite Detail

Utah Boat Detailing Onsite Detail


  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Motorhomes
  • Airplanes
  • Semi Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Buses
  • Farming Vehicles
  • Snowmobiles


We don’t just stick with messiness as a prerequisite for these vehicles to be treated by us.  We also love…

  1. A Challenge!

Do you have swirl marks, faded plastic or rubber, fogged headlights, a stain or smell you just can’t get rid of?  Did you know those are things we can take care of?

No matter the vehicle type, our detailing doesn’t just make your car/truck/etc. shiny but also helps it with long term care too.  With unique services like Headlight Restoration, Buffing & Polishing, Clay bar Treatment, and Plastic Restoration, we can help keep your car like new for years to come.  Jobs like these are difficult for just anyone to do, but we love a challenge and bring experience to the job with expert results!

And for the number one thing we love…

  1. Surprises!

At Onsite Detail we don’t like to stay still.  As a company we are growing fast and have made improvements steadily.  Now we are preparing to announce a big surprise to make our experience better for the customers we love so much!  Keep in touch on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for a future update, you’ll be hearing from us soon!

We hope your Valentine’s Days are enjoyable, and hope to be part of the fun!  If you want us to do some detailing you can reach us at 801-412-9274 or fill out a Request Form so we can get you all set.

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

Mobile Detailing and Shop Detailing


There are many differences between mobile detailing and shop detailing. There are not many differences in the results you get by having your car professionally detailed in a shop or having your car detailed by a professional mobile detailing service. Although most of my experience is with mobile detailing. I do have some experience with detailing in a shop. There are definite pros and cons to each one but most of those fall onto the detailers themselves. Not the actual people getting their vehicles detailed.

You would never be able to tell which vehicle was detailed in a professional shop and which one was done by a professional mobile detail service.Depending on the lighting in a shop, it can help with paint correction but can still be successfully done outside by someone with the proper skills and a trained eye. The same goes for the interior. The sun light outside can help you see things easier than a lot of shop lighting. There will be differences on how certain things get done but can both produce amazing results. Everything that is done in a shop can be done in a mobile detail service.

I will try to explain the best I can the different detailing experiences and how they vary with mobile detailing and shop detailing. Although I prefer mobile detailing, shop detailing has its advantages, one being heating and air conditioning. One of the biggest advantages that comes with mobile detailing is convenience to the customer.

Having had experience in mobile detailing and shop detailing, I’m going to do my best to help you understand the difference between the two. To do this I’m going to give you a normal day in the life of a detailer doing each one. You may be expressing that that sounds like an odd idea but inwardly, I know you’re looking forward to it.



Shop Detailing

As a shop detailer, getting to the shop in the mornings can be nice because you don’t have anywhere else to go. Most of the time you will be able to get started right away. With my experience it takes minimal preparation to start working in a shop.

Some shops will have inside wash bays and sometimes you will wash them outside and then move them inside after. My daily goal was usually trying to get one car done per day. I realize that many shops will not do full details on every car and services will vary.

A little bit about my shop detailing experience; it was a high-end used car dealership, I did full details on every single car including engines, paint correction, full interior details, headlight restoration (if needed), and rims and tires. I don’t want to spend much more time on the detailing process at a shop but more the daily routine.

When I would begin my day, I would pull the car into the wash bay and take out the floor mats and prepare them to be pressure washed. I would also pop the hood and spray degreaser on the engine (with the engine still running), and wash the car and deep clean the tires and rims, etc. After all said things are washed and clean on the exterior I would pull the car into the shop. Depending on my mood of that day I would either do paint correction first or detail the inside of the car.

In a shop it was a huge plus to have all of the chemicals and equipment organized and easily on hand when needed. The car was always in the same spot and the detailing “stuff” was right there. It made it easy to have a routine and almost identical process for each car.

One big thing that sets shop detailing apart from mobile detailing is putting all the transportation on the customers, with the option of leaving the vehicle overnight, which has some advantages. One of which include is there is no rush to get finished in a given amount of time. If any carpet needs to dry, it can be left overnight. It will give that carpet a good amount of time to dry and go untouched. Depending on when the customer will be picking the car up, the morning time is a good time to double check and do any final touches on the vehicle before starting on the next vehicle.



Mobile Detailing

Mobile detailing, on the other hand, eliminates being able to start right away like shop detailing. After checking the van and making sure you have everything you need for that day, you will get headed to your first job and have some travel time before arriving to the job. Once at the job site, you’ll have to figure out where to pull up next to what your working on and that will vary greatly from place to place. Even though you have everything you need in the van and you have a process, you have to adapt according to each location.

Mobile detailing opens up many doors for you as far as the size goes for whatever you will be working on. People who have boats or RVs, in most cases, will not be able to bring them to a detail shop, let alone leave them for overnight services.

Convenience to the customer will be a big business boost for the mobile detailer and a huge plus for any customer who has a busy schedule. A couple big issues with mobile detailing will be traffic between appointments and weather conditions. Weather will always be a determining factor on how much you can do on any particular job and how many jobs you can do in a day. Sometimes the weather will not permit an exterior detail job to take place if its raining or too windy and dusty. At times mobile operations can work in a customers garage to avoid inclement weather but that also depends on the size of the garage and what a particular job entails.

Now before I mentioned that when I detailed at a shop I typically did a car a day at the the dealership. Mobile detailing will most typically offer a wide range of services and a wide range of different vehicles. Some services will be small and take little time and some will be bigger and take much more time, but this wholly depends on the operation and what types of services are offered.

Scheduling for mobile detailing can be a little more tricky when you have customers in different areas and wanting various types of detailing services. The best way to do it is to have areas designated for different days so you’re not driving in all different directions in day trying to get to all your jobs. The amount of jobs per day could be anywhere between 1 to 5. With mobile detailing, a lot of jobs that are done won’t be full details. You may have a full interior detail at one place, an exterior wash and wax at another, and an RV wash at another. The day to day will be different scenery which, for me, was one of my favorite things about mobile detailing.

So even with all the variables that can come your way with mobile detailing, the days still  might be a little more enjoyable. You will also have added benefits such as more face to face customer contact and getting to know them on a more personal level. You also get to learn the areas where you work and get to have some pretty sweet views some days.

Hope this helps you understand a little more about mobile detailing and shop detailing and the benefits and some cons of each one. Those things might be done differently in a shop that you’d see from mobile detailing but both can produce the same results. Ultimately, a good detail company will have ways to accomplish things and to provide the customer with an exceptional experience, which is what we always strive to do at Onsite Detail.

by Andy Stallings, Operations Manager, Onsite Detail

Car Smells and Odors

Cars are amazing creations.  We get to surround ourselves with technology designed to move us and protect us from the elements and other hazards.  Unlike our ancestors who had to travel exposed, we can enjoy getting from one place to another with the added protection all while listening to our favorite music and controlling the temperature.  

However, being kept in such a confined space can be a bad thing when there is unwelcome car smells in the car.  It can come from all sorts of things, from a milk spill, to food, to cigarette ash, to some hidden offender you haven’t quite found but certainly know is there.  It can make even a drive down the street unbearable and if you have a passenger it can be embarrassing. Unfortunately we have had people tell us that others don’t even notice how bad their vehicle smells at times.

Interior Detail Before and After

Interior Detail Before and After

Our Interior Detail Service  

Here at Onsite Detail our Interior Detail service has saved many a driver, and passenger, from having to face such an unwanted situation.  Our Interior Detail cleans and sanitizes every surface inside the vehicle, from steam cleaning the cracks and crevasses to shampooing carpet and upholstery.  However, it isn’t just us saying our Interior Detail service is great. Many of our clients have reviewed our services and have reported back satisfaction for helping with car smells.  This blog will look over what people have had to say as well as review our process for helping with bad car smells.

The Cleaning Process

Our Interior Detail is often a recommended first step to rid vehicles of unwanted interior odors.  Car smells that linger come in two forms- something you can throw away easily, and something you have to deep clean or extract.  When the detailers first clean the inside of the car, they clear out any debris and vacuum the car. Our detailers have shared with me that sometimes the bad smell in a car is as simple as food that rolled under the seat and molded, or a piece of trash that got to sit in the car long enough to stink.  These are usually as simple as tossing them in the garbage and making sure there is nothing “odor causing” remaining.Help those air fresheners out

Unfortunately not all bad odors are this easy to remedy.  Some of them get into the carpet, fabric or the leather and won’t come out no matter how nicely you ask them too.  I’ve had clients call in saying they tried to treat it themselves with steam cleaners or soap and water and it still comes back to haunt them.  Some have used so many air fresheners and sprays to try to get rid of it but in reality it’s just a temporary cover up. A lot of smells are so embedded in the car that the client can’t get it on their own, like cigarette smoke or a pet mess.  How do those get worked on?

When our detailers come and clean the inside of the car it helps to determine the different possible places where the smell might come from or what’s causing it the nasty odor.  Our detailers will vacuum, steam, shampoo, and scrub any cloth surface of a car and extract mats to get to deeper layers. For smells like cigarette smoke their steam cleaning can get it out of vents and crevices that might be holding onto it, as well as clean surface layers where the smell might linger.  Surfaces like cup holders, windows, and headliners are also cleaned entirely. If a smell has a risk of sticking around even after our service, we provide Odor Bombs for $25 each, which can be released in the car overnight and help eliminate anything that stays by killing and destroying any odor causing baterias.  

While we cannot guarantee the smell will be eliminated, over 90% of the time we are successful in cleaning out the smells after an Interior Detail and almost 100% with Odor Bombs in the worst cases.  

That’s not a claim we are making up either.  Here is a sample of reviews that address bad smells directly to back us up!

What Our Customers are Saying

Richard was a customer who needed lots of help with his new car.  Here is what he told us when our detailers finished the job!

Just purchased a car from a private seller. Definite heavy “kid stains” and a terrible smell that I thought must have been from a dairy spill. Welington and George from Onsite Detail came, spent over 3 hours on the car and did a fantastic job. They took out the spare tire which is stored in the interior under a floor cover and found the source of the smell!! Kids’ food molded over and other unidentified “stuff”. [I]t was ugly… I’m sure it’s probably standard for them to do that, but I’m sure some companies wouldn’t bother cleaning the spare tire compartment. I honestly wouldn’t have looked to check and would have been dealing with that smell still!”  -Richard

Among our most common bad smells are dairy-related ones.  Two reviewers, both named Dan, shared with us how we helped them with their situations.

I had a kid spill a half cup of milk in my car on the floorboard. I went home that night and scrubbed it good with soapy water. A month later a water bottle leaked in the same spot and brought all those sour smells back. I called Onsite Detail and they came to the rescue. The customer service was really great. Andy was very professional and knowledgeable. He cleaned it and now it smells like roses! I’ll definitely be using them again.” -Dan


So my daughter spilled milk in the back of our car and got on a the seat and floorboards. We immediately tried to clean it with a shop vac and wet rag only to find out later it had that horrible sour milk smell. We called Onsite Detail and they were very responsive and came to bail us out. They got the milk and smell out and were very professional to work with. I have used them since and trust them with my vehicles.” -Dan

Even if there isn’t a specific smell, there is a special benefit to having a car smelling nice.  Ashley and Alex show us how happy this makes them in their reviews:

William came to the rescue! My car is exceptionally clean and smelling amazing. He was so sweet and great to work with. I highly recommend Onsite and ask for William! Thanks again” -Ashley


My kids make plenty of spills all over our back seats that are fabric. They were able to clean every spill making it look and smell like a new car again. Thanks again Onsite Detail!” -Alex

In summary, keeping your car smelling clean and fresh is an important part of keeping you and your family and friends happier and healthier.  Our service has helped many people achieve cleaning and eliminating even the worst smells, and we are ready to tackle yours too! Get the nasty odors and smells taken care of before the weather heats up and makes them worse! Call or text us or fill out a request form today.  We look forward to serving you and your vehicle!

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

Freaky Details

Detailing is not a job for the Faint Hearted

Halloween is just around the corner, and October is a month for frights and all things peculiar.  Some people indulge in haunted houses or horror movies to get their fill of spooky things, and everyone can expect to hear a scary story one way or another.

At Onsite Detail, however, the strange side of things doesn’t end on November 1st.  Cars need to be detailed all year long, and so we’ve experienced freaky things that to this day are fun to share. Here are a few of our favorites!

What’s Living In Your Car?

Rodent in Car

One of our detailers shared a time when they were assigned an Interior Detail.  Upon opening the driver’s side door, they were greeted by a dead mouse. Not just a dead mouse, mind you, but one that had been there long enough to rot and stick to the carpet.  The further they cleaned, the more they found mice, both dead and alive! Yuck! We highly recommend having an exterminator out before hiring any detailer in this case because just cleaning may not fix the problem.

Apparently it’s not too uncommon to find rodents and other creatures living in a vehicle.  Another detailer shared how they have had to deal with cars that had wasp nests. They expressed how it was especially tricky because they weren’t informed of the nest and were therefore ill-equipped to handle it.  The job was done, but only after a few stings.

Not all vehicles with things living in them have been infested, however.  A couple of detailers went to deep clean a boat, but the owner had forgotten to mention a cat lived in it. They had an amusing time working their way around the curious feline.  

Of course, that only accounts for the living critters.  One detailer was sent to do an Interior Detail and Engine Detail. The owner had mentioned the car was not starting and asked if it could be jump started.  Upon opening the hood the problem was found. They pulled out… a dead squirrel that had managed to electrocute itself between the battery posts. The engine worked fine after that.

Oh That’s Gross!

As with all jobs requiring cleaning, there are the nasty jobs that go beyond clutter and a layer of dirt or pet hair.  When I get calls as the main scheduler some people are shy about how dirty their car is and worry we will judge them for it.  So believe me when I say we have seen some disgusting cars, and yours is likely not one of them.

A few weeks ago one detailer was sent to do some Interior Detailing and came back looking horrified.  When we asked how it went he explained how garbage had been forgotten in the car so long maggots had appeared.  Eww!

Another detailer told of when they had to clean chili off the car floor that had been there a long time but remained liquid.  The owner had continued driving the car for awhile so the movement had caused it to spread even to the sliding passenger doors.  The smell and the texture were the worst parts. As he shared, another recalled when he found a rotten watermelon, or what was left of it, in the trunk of the car that had been there for months over a Utah summer.  He said you could smell it from a few yards away!

Cleaning out cup holders can yield interesting results, from forgotten kid’s snacks to spilled drinks.  However, one detailer topped everyone by sharing when he found vomit in a cupholder. I hope he was tipped well for that one!

How Did That Happen?

As much as we tend to prefer normalcy at times, sometimes life just happens and we get unusual human experiences.  Every so often we get a detail job that may seem by-the-book but has a story behind it that makes it memorable.

 come clean a car right away, as his wife had just had her baby inside the car mere hours before!  What made it unfortunate outside of our not being able to schedule it was that he had insisted on driving his nice new car to the hospital instead of their older, more beat-up vehicle.  At least the baby was delivered in style?


One story came not from a detailer, but from our accounting person.  She shared how she got a call from someone asking if we could

A detailer told me once about how he was cleaning a car out as normal for a gentleman who said it was his sister’s car.  Part way through the job, an older woman approached him and asked if he knew what had happened to the driver. When the detailer said no, the woman explained it was her daughter’s, but her daughter had just been murdered a few weeks before.  The detailer explained  that and the job felt much more creepy, but he did his best to make the car especially nice-looking.

gun in car


This one comes from a call I received and partly mentioned in the blog Top 5 Reasons People Get Their Car Detailed.  A client 

called and explained she wanted her car thoroughly cleaned and revealed it had recently been stolen. It felt unsafe for her to drive until she had it cleaned completely.  Thankfully our Full Combo Detail did the job and she was driving in it again by the next day, but knowing it was once a stolen vehicle was scary!

The final story in this category was shared from a detail job we at Onsite Detail didn’t receive, but one of our detailers experienced before working here at a different job.  They were asked to clean a vehicle and to not worry about the middle compartments, as there was a gun in it for drive bys. It was laughed off as a joke until the detailer did in fact lift the middle compartment and found a gun, just as explained.  He said he closed the compartment and left it alone without saying anything else.


Despite the extra-gross or extra-creepy things our detailers have experienced, they come in everyday ready to work and do their best.  When collecting the stories for this blog I made sure to express how much I appreciated what they did, it sure makes my scheduling work seem much nicer!  If you make an appointment with us, don’t you worry if your car is too bad off, because believe me, we have seen it all!

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

First Time Experience at Mobile Tech Expo

My First Time Experience at Mobile Tech Expo 2018 

By Chris Blaisdell, CD, from Onsite Detail 

Before the Expo I really was not sure what to expect. I had only heard good things about it and was pretty excited to get there and see it for myself.  

DAY 1. Education Day. 

I arrived early and got my badge. I was really looking forward to the International Detailing Association classes and some of the other classes in the detailing category. There were also multiple classes on business in general and digital marketing. The only thing I was a little disappointed about was that I could not be in two (or 3) places at once to hear and be a part of each class in the detailing category. I was really impressed with the spread of knowledge and experiences that were shared. There were topics ranging from proper business setup (legally speaking) to being more efficient in your detailing operation(s) to ceramic coatings, etc. 

If MTE was just the education day it would be worth the trip. I do think some topics were basic but absolutely necessary for every detailer and detailing business owner to know and understand.  

DAY 2. Expo Day 1 

On Saturday morning Renny Doyle was the keynote speaking for the whole show. It was the first time a detailer had been given that honor. His speech was nothing less than motivational. People were talking about it all day. When the Expo hall opened and throughout the day it was a madhouse. Every booth was full of people anxious to see what was new and to ask questions about products and services. It was great but hard to really get the one on one time needed to ask and get information. Although throughout the day I was able to talk with many other detailers and business owners from all over the country. There were guys who were the one man show type and others with multiple shops and employees. 

In the afternoon the IDA put on an incredible webinar and to be there in person was different than just logging in online. There was a panel of experts, or guys with a lot of experience in their respective areas. It was an open forum where we and those online could ask questions and get plenty of great feedback. Afterwords I was able to chat with Renny one on one for a bit and that’s just something that I didn’t expect before going to MTE. 

In the evening the IDA hosted the Annual Business Meeting where we heard the goals for 2018 laid out by Justin LabatoKeith Duplessie gave an awesome state of the industry speech. We heard from many other of the board members (past and present) as well as what the goals are moving forward this year. The 2018 award winners were also announced. Congrats to each of them again! It was awesome to see many members of the IDA together in one room supporting each other and rejoicing in the success of others.  

DAY 3. Expo Day 2 

This was the day when things calmed down a bit and I was able to visit with many people individually and get more info on things one on one. I really enjoyed meeting up with people in the industry and discussing the different aspects of detailing, including products, equipment, business and just where everyone is coming from. Everyone has a story of how they got into detailing and how it has now become a part of their life. Being at the expo with others in the detailing world and other members of the IDA, I really understood the vision of what the IDA stands for and what it is doing for the Industry.  

highly recommend attending the Mobile Tech Expo in 2019. I know I’ll be there. Also join the IDA and see what you can do to help improve our industry and make it better for everyone involved.