2020 Has Officially Landed

2020 has officially landed, and as we replace last year’s calendars and planners we look forward to what the new year and decade bring us.  As we go forward we felt it would be worthwhile to take a moment to reflect on all Onsite Detail accomplished in 2019, and we wanted to share it with you all.  Here is our behind-the-scenes for your enjoyment, and we look forward to servicing your vehicles soon!

Awesome Events

Starting off our list is the big events we were able to participate in throughout the year.  Starting as early as January 2019, we were busy with major automotive events all around the state.  Our first was the Utah International Auto Expo, where we spent days maintaining cars from around the world from early morning until late at night.  Our detailers planned their days around this event to make sure they could be there, so it was a full force. We are excited to say we will be back this year to help with the prep work!

Over the summer of 2019 we also participated in a Porsche Event, where we helped clean Cayenne SUVs at the Grand America Hotel.  When not working with Porsche, we also took care of the Ford Performance drive events, cleaning cars after they had been used all day.  We love taking advantage of the late sunsets of the summer, which helped us be effective with the late night cleanings.  

Finally, we also took care of display and shuttle vehicles with GMC in Park City year round.

Most Popular Services

Onsite Detail has dozens of services for all kinds of clientele, so we thought we would share our most popular!

Our most popular service with individuals was our Interior Detail, followed closely by our Full Combo Detail.  Our Interior Detail saved many from accidents, spills, stains, and smells that could otherwise cause long-term damage or negative effects.  Our longest Interior Detail was on a minivan that took five hours to complete!

Full Combo Detail followed close behind, combining the Interior Detail with a wash, wax, and engine detail- a great combo for an overall clean, especially with car selling seasons!  This was especially popular in the early parts of 2019, with people coming out of a long winter of holidays and snow dirt.  

Later in the year, Hourly Services became popular for RVs, boats, and motorhomes, especially around Labor Day as people were preparing to store their big toys for the winter.  We enjoyed cleaning whole summers of dirt, oxidation, and water spots from these vehicles and making them like new again before storage.

New Services and Shop Space

2019 was the year we added three new services, as well as a bonus In-Shop option for customers!  Our shop space opened around March 2019, giving customers a place to drop off their vehicles and, in some cases, avoid travel charges.  Our covered work area gives people the chance to have vehicles detailed in less than stellar weather and has helped people with difficult schedules have a place to store them overnight when needed. 

Having the shop space helped us release a new product called Deep Odor Removal, which is paired with our Interior Detail and requires the car to stay overnight with us.  The service has eliminated long-term smells such as mildew and smoke smells, even ones that have lingered for many years. It has a high success rate and many customers have been happy with it!  We recommend it for anyone who struggles with driving a vehicle that has headache-causing smells.  

In addition to Deep Odor Removal, we became Opti-Coat Certified this year!  Opti-Coat Ceramic Coating helps protect your vehicle against hazards like oxidation, UV damage, tree sap, and other natural hazards like bird droppings and bugs.  It also helps reduce swirl marks and scratches. In addition to this, we can help install Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl and Opti-Guard Fabric to add extra protection to your seats against liquids and stains!

What else could we have possibly added to our list?  Our final service we added covers your windshield and windows with a product called Glassparency, which makes the glass hydrophobic and easier to clean of liquids and dirt.  It also reduces glare from driving and comes with a three-year warranty! Through the end of the month you can receive this service for free with an in-shop Onsite VIP Detail, so keep it in mind if you’re debating a service.

What’s Next?

2019 was a big year for us, but 2020 will be just as big.  We already have some special services in the works, such as our detailers becoming Transparency Warranty Specialists this year! This means we can sell vehicle warranties for both new and used vehicles

Finally, we have a special anniversary, as Onsite Detail reaches its 15th year in business as of December 2020.  Keep an eye out for special deals to help celebrate such an accomplishment around then, and in the meantime, consider reaching out with a Request Form so our amazing detailers can service your vehicles.  It is because of clients like you that we are able to have this great company and work with such talented detailers. You have a big year coming up, so let us take care of the details.

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

Traveling in a Campervan, RV or with a Trailer?

At Onsite Detail we love working with people on their travel vehicles and toys, like RVs, boats and much more.  This made it extra exciting, then, when I got the chance to try out a vehicle type I had not heard of before when taking a trip to Iceland this last October: a campervan.

Campervans, for the uninitiated, are vans that have the back part of them converted for space to sleep and enjoy simple living, like a small RV.  While considering the best ways to travel, my friend and I chose a campervan because there are many benefits to them. For one, we did not have to coordinate renting a car and choosing hotels in advance, which gave us much more freedom to travel whenever and wherever we wanted.  For another, campervans are flexible in where they can go, easier to drive than big vehicles but providing more comfort than classic tent camping. This was a big plus considering we were going to a cold, windy country! It also helped us save money, as renting the campervan and paying campground fees were cheaper overall than renting a car and paying for hotels.  Our campervan also used diesel, which was cheaper, and ours had amazing gas mileage despite the size!

We rented the campervan for six days total, and in that process learned a lot about what it is like to live in one.  So whether you are a traveller looking to explore more freely or just a curious reader, here is some fun, free advice on what to expect and how to better your experience should you rent or buy one for yourself!

What to Expect

My friend and I had never ridden in a campervan before renting one, and only had photos from the internet for the company we rented from for reference.  We knew there were two seats in the front and the back was dedicated to storage and sleeping, though some had different setups.  

What we were not expecting was how much room was in the front and how little room there was in the back.  We had plenty of room for sleeping, but if we wanted to sit up, it was better to go to the front seats, which had tons of leg room.  Underneath the bed frame was room for lots of storage, including our carry-on luggage from the flight, so we also rented a folding table and chairs.  This gave us more surfaces to work on when cooking and more places to sit down, since sometimes we had to park facing something not so fun to look at, such as a wall or bushes. That being said, it had us thinking about when exactly we wanted to sleep, because climbing out of bed to the front seat and vice versa was a bit of work.  Check your setups in advance if you can, so you know what to expect, yours may have more room in the back!

It also helps to check in advance and see what it comes with. Ours came with basic cooking equipment, a single gas stovetop, and for an additional cost, a mobile wifi router.  Having a mobile wifi router is a big lifesaver when travelling, especially if you’re going to remote places. It not only saves you on using data, it allows you to use many internet-based apps and can protect you from using potentially unsafe wifi!  One last item we brought on was a cooler, as we were going to places that did not have many restaurants and some of our food required staying cool, such as lunch meats for sandwiches.

Before travelling, it is worth checking your route.  Campervans are small and height requirements are not usually an issue, but campgrounds may be limiting.  If yours requires an electric hookup, that may be another fee. You also will want drivers you can trust, as campervans can have big blind spots.  Ours had no side windows after the driver seats, only the window in the very back. This made backing up in busy parking lots tricky at times. Don’t be afraid to have your buddy help back you out!

Making It a Home

Even if it’s only for a few days, your campervan is going to be your home.  Therefore, here are a few suggestions on how to make it a home to enjoy!

If you are setting up your own campervan, consider what you may need.  Walk yourself through a day mentally and take note of what will be important.  You will want a setup for cooking and eating food, such as travel dishes. For the sleeping area, it brings peace of mind to hang curtains surrounding it so people can’t watch you sleeping or changing clothes.  Depending on the time of year, consider getting a heating system that runs when the van is off. Ours came with a battery operated heating system so we did not need to leave the van running all night, which charged while we drove during the day.

While it may be tempting to immediately drive off into the unknown, take a few minutes to set up your campervan.  Placing luggage and other big items like folding furniture where you can easily access it but not have it roll around is important, and will help keep you sane.  Nothing is more frustrating than needing to search for something in the dark that got away from you while you drove around.

Keep It Clean

While traveling, the thrill of adventure can keep you looking forward, but take a moment to check your surroundings for trash. We kept a plastic bag from a grocery store that was designated for garbage, and whenever we stopped at a gas station or for the night we would find a place to toss it out.  It may be tempting to want to just ignore it, but small spaces get dirty quickly. Doing a little each day can do a lot in the long run.

One item I recommend splurging a little on is microfiber towels.  These kinds of towels dry faster and absorb more liquid, which is useful for cleaning the van, your dishes, or using on yourself after a shower or swimming. You don’t have much space to dry a towel, so treat yourself to one that doesn’t need long to dry in the first place.  We would use one to wipe the windshield of rain or dew, then let it hang off the car door while we prepared for the day. By the time we left, it was dry enough to store! 

Finally, take the time to maintain your campervan. If travelling to areas with less people, consider filling up your campervan when it is at half tank rather than closer to empty.  Also be aware what it is capable of- our campervan, for example, could not go off roading because it was a two wheel drive. This helped us determine when to avoid a certain path that could potentially be dangerous to drive on.

Give It A Name

Also, consider naming your campervan for the fun of it. We lovingly named ours Stevan. Ste-van, get it? Nevermind…

Owning or Renting

Whether you own or you’ll be renting a campervan, RV, trailer or any travel vehicles, consider having them cleaned and maintained with us at Onsite Detail! You’ll save big on cleaning fees when you return it clean and smelling fresh. We enjoy your travel stories as much as we enjoy a job well done, so take a look at what services we offer and see if any fit your needs. We are happy to take care of the details, just reach out via call or text to (801) 412-9274 or request an appointment online.

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

Ten Car Costumes

Despite what all the retail stores are saying, Christmas is still far off.  Halloween, however, is coming up quick! That means candy, scary movies, haunted houses, and wicked lawn decorations are abound, and everyone will soon be asking, “What will you be for Halloween?”

Most anyone you ask will have an idea what they want to be.  Whether it’s homemade or store bought, thematic or modern, there is a costume for just about anybody!  Yet while we may have our own costumes figured out, how many of us think about dressing up our cars? 

With the rise of Trunk or Treating events the internet has amassed a fun collection of car costumes dressed for the holiday, and as car people, we have fun exploring anything to do with our favorite four-wheeled creations.  So today we will share some of our favorite Halloween cars as well as their original sources, so hopefully you can find inspiration of your own this Halloween! (Sources will be at the end of the article.)

  1. If Utah is known for anything it is our rivalry between The University of Utah and Brigham Young University teams.  Even if you don’t have a side, there is likely some kind of team you root for! This Boston Red Sox car costumes theme can help give you ideas for your own car.

    Boston Red Sox Trunk or Treat

    Boston Red Sox Trunk or Treat



  1. Only the daring will reach for candy in your car if it bears fangs like this one!  Bonus if you can find someone to hide inside to grab at people reaching for candy, adding to the terror.  (Just don’t forget to let them back out!)

    Chomp Chomp Trunk

    Chomp Chomp Trunk


  1. Ever thought about dressing up your car as… well, a car?  Thanks to Disney that’s possible!
    Cars Cars

    Cars Cars



  1. Can’t contain your Halloween excitement?  This car costume can help! Jokes aside we love the simplistic yet clever nature of this idea.

    Jail Trunk or Treat

    Jail Trunk or Treat


  1. Who says only the trunk can be used?  This creative person used their whole car as a prop! We love the smoke machine the best (at least, we hope it’s a smoke machine).
    Car as Lawn Decoration

    Car as Lawn Decoration


  1. If you have a hearse, why not use it?  This clever grim reaper did and we love the spooky details they added!

    Ghost Hearse

    Ghost Hearse


  1. Even cars can be a movie star!  Think of the Delorean from Back to the Future or any version of the Batmobile and you know what I’m talking about.  Here is an example from GenCon 2012 that I found:
    Ghost Busters Car

    Ghost Busters Car



  1. Of course, not every four-wheeled vehicle is a car.  Why not consider dressing up your wagon or stroller too?  Take this adorable idea for example!

    Ice Cream Truck Wagon

    Ice Cream Truck Wagon


  1. We cannot forget about car-themed costumes for people too!  Check out this clever group who paid homage to one of the best racing games in video game history:

    Mario Kart Car Costumes

    Mario Kart Car Costumes


  1. Not to brag, but our work vans are dressed up all year round!  If you see our orange and black vans you can call the number to set up a car detail of your own, especially for whatever cleanup you may need after finding candy and costume pieces all over. 

    Onsite Detail Van Utah

    Onsite Detail Van


Do you have a favorite car-themed Halloween costume or idea?  Share in the comments below, we would love to hear them! 


In the mean time if you need any detail work before or after the sticky, gummy, sugar filled holiday please give us a call for an interior or exterior detail.


by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail



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What Your Vehicle Type Says About You

As detailers we service all kinds of vehicle types, and therefore meet all kinds of people.   While pondering this the other day, it struck me how there are some similarities between the kinds of vehicles people have and the kinds of people they are.  Many people share hobbies or lifestyles that can lead to why we are detailing their vehicle. So while this blog is less than scientific and is in fact made mostly of one receptionist’s observations, I thought it might be amusing to match the kind of person to the kind of vehicle they have us detail.  Are you one of these people? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, enjoy this light-hearted blog. We also found this fun online survey “What Your Car Says About You Quiz” for you to try out.

Four-Wheel Drive and Off-Road Cars

Whether it’s a Jeep or Subaru, when people call in wanting these detailed, we often are working with people who love to explore the parts of Utah that are not easy to reach!  Many times they need help cleaning the dirt and mud from the outside, or taking care of scratches from low-hanging tree branches. These are the kind of people who like to be prepared for anything, and many of them commute long distances in the dusty Utah highways and gravel roads.  It’s no wonder those kinds of cars are popular, and we love taking care of them for you!

Our Recommendation: Consider our Basic Exterior Detail for your car.  It will help not only remove damage and dirt, but help protect your vehicle for years to come!  And do not forget to winterize with our Wash & Wax!

Small Cars

Smart cars and sedans and coupes, oh my!  Typically the people who have these work in the city or other busy areas where smaller cars are ideal for parking and efficiency.  That doesn’t mean they’re all business types, however. Items in these vehicles show that their drivers live colorful lives of all professions and family sizes, from teachers whose trunks are full of projects to grandmothers who keep child car seats in the back for their grandkids.  These drivers are on the go almost all of the time!

Our Recommendation: On-the-go means not having tons of time, so why not treat yourself to our Express Inside & Out?  In less than an hour we can have your car back to cleaned without risking the damage and swirl marks of a car wash!

Cars With Three Or More Rows of Seats

These drivers are often caregivers of some kind, whether they drive a classic large-family minivan or a 14-Passenger van for a special commuter service.  We are often meeting them at their homes or workplaces so they can keep dealing with the wonderful chaos their profession brings (or take a well-earned break from their heavy workloads).  Some of these even include cargo vans, such as a recent catering service wanting their vans cleaned, and we are more than happy to keep your on-the-go vehicles clean and healthy for you and your crew!  

Our Recommendation: You’re carrying a lot of people constantly, and people by nature are messy!  Our Interior Detail service can take care of the worst messes, from food spills to accidents. We can take care of those details!

RVs, Motorhomes, and Boats

Half of the time these people are not from Utah, and the other half are Utah natives who know the best spots to go on vacation.  These people know the value of traveling and breaking away from the everyday, and they invest in it- usually with big toys like their boats and RVs.  When we’re called in, we are often cleaning after a long adventure or while someone is en route to their next destination. We also help prepare vehicles for storage, preventing long-term expensive damage like rust!

Our Recommendation: Constant travel means constant hazards hitting your windows, so why not reduce the strains of cleaning them by having us install Glassparency to it?  It improves visuals, makes things like bugs and hard water easy to clean, and comes with a 3-Year Warranty!

Business Vehicles

From up-and-coming Lyft & Uber drivers to businesses with work trucks, these workers are expected to keep their vehicles clean for customer satisfaction.  But working means you don’t always have time to do it yourself, and some messes are consistent because of the work they do. An example of ours is working for companies that work construction but need the extra cleaning to keep up both appearances and vehicle health.  Thankfully our mobile services can help us go to you, and we work with fleets all the time! Don’t wait to give us a call and sort out how we can best work with your situation.

Our Recommendation: For the one-time Lyft driver or repeat fleet service, we recommend our Full Combo Detail.  Not only does it cover the inside and outside well, it also comes with a bonus Engine Detail!  

Our Return Customers

These are people who support our business because of their preference for clean and detailed vehicles, and we are thankful for them.  From those who request us once a year to our biweekly friends with annual packages, these people come from all walks of life and have different needs.  They add all kinds of interesting requests to our roster, and we hope we do them proud by giving the best work we can do.  

No real recommendations for these folks, only our heartfelt gratitude for their trust and requests for our services!  You support a small business in choosing us!

Did you relate to any of these descriptions?  I would love to hear how accurate I was, and what your ride says about you if I was not!  Leave a comment below, and if you would like to use our services you can fill out a Request Form!  We look forward to meeting you and servicing your vehicle. Thank you for reading!

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

What Sets Our Detailers Apart

There are some questions I receive regularly when helping schedule our detailing services.  Things like how long a service takes, how much it costs, and where we are located pop up daily, if not hourly.  One question has begun to arise, however, and that is how good our detailers are.  

I personally can say firsthand I know how good our detailers do, as I have seen the fruits of their labor on many vehicles, including the cars of my family!  However, our detailers are more than that. They are skilled, hardworking, and care about the job they perform. So today, I’m going to take the opportunity to put our detailers in the spotlight and share what makes them amazing!

  1. They are experienced and professional

Every so often I get a question about our detailers, namely if they actually know what they are doing or if they are some high school summer hire.  Each of our detailers has been doing this job for a long while, and whenever we hire someone new they are trained thoroughly and given time to learn our processes fully, having another detailer work with them until they are deemed ready to work solo.  This helps perpetuate the work ethic and tone of the company, and allows the new person many chances to learn a variety of tasks. We are continually doing trainings to refresh our knowledge and to stay up to date with the most efficient and effective ways to complete details. Since we are a small company, we also get to know each other more personally, allowing us to explore strengths and weaknesses to help raise each other up.  They love a chance to show how professional they are, something we are always glad for! 

  1. They are IDA certified

The International Detailing Association, or IDA, states on their website that “leading industry association for professional detailing operators, suppliers, and consultants to the industry. The association is dedicated to promoting the value of professional detailing services, the recognition of professional detailing as a trade, and empowering detailing industry professionals at each stage in their career.”  Part of our being involved with this association is that our detailers undergo a special certification which includes a ten-part exam and a practical test of their ability. When presented with this opportunity, many of our detailers have risen to the challenge, and all who have risen to it succeeded! When our detailers arrive on the job, you can rest assured they know what they’re doing- the IDA has declared it so.  

  1. They love a job well done

Our detailers come from all different backgrounds and can be very different from one another.  But if there is one thing they all have in common, it is knowing they’ve done a job very well.  

We have given them all kinds of seemingly impossible tasks, and they have stepped up time and time again.  Recently, we had given one of our detailers a minivan that had been neglected for so long it had maggots and pests in it.  He worked for hours in the hot sun, not once complaining, and made it like new on the inside. Our detailers love sharing their before and after photos with each other, and are not quick to give up on a tough job.  Another example was when a detailer got a boat that was huge and needed oxidation removal all over. Not only did he work all day on it, another detailer came to help when he had finished his own work. This got the job done in good time and made it shine!  After customers leave from in-shop jobs they often come up to me and ask if the customer was happy, which shows how important it is to them.

  1. They communicate with clients

Some companies train their workers to try and sell the most expensive products or sneak in services to charge later.  Our company does not care for this method, and to support that image, our detailers take great care in talking to their customers and clients about the work they are doing and making recommendations on what is best for each situation.

Our detailers talk to you through multiple steps of the process if needed – they will call upon arrival or when on the way if you request it, and they will contact you if they feel your vehicle needs a little extra work.  If you are doing a service like boat or RV detailing, which is hourly, they will discuss how long they believe it will be and tell you about any changes before going through with them. This allows you to say yes or no to a service, and prevents surprise or otherwise unwanted charges.  Our goal is to do our best based on what you want, and if you become a regular customer, you can request the same detailer to come again.  

  1. They work all year

Some people believe we are only open when the weather is good, but this is not entirely true.  Our detailers are prepared to work in all kinds of weather conditions, which allows us to stay open during the winter.  You may be thinking, why would I want to get a detail in the wintertime? We answer that in this blog: https://onsitedetail.net/blog/top-10-reasons-why-its-more-important-to-detail-your-car-during-the-winter/

When hot weather strikes, our detailers know to stay hydrated and keep cool.  In rainy weather, they call ahead to confirm if you still want your detail done and help find ways to make it work.  Snowy weather doesn’t deter them either, especially since we have garage areas in-shop that they can work out of if you don’t have a garage or other coverage!  Our detailers don’t just appear for a few months to work, they stick with us all year, and are more than happy to come out and work in any situation. Even if the weather isn’t great, call in!  They’ll be eager to make it work and get the job done for you.

We at Onsite Detail could go on forever about our detailers and the good work they do.  Our company would not be possible without them! If you want to thank your detailer for the hard work they do, give them a compliment, leave them a good review on Google or any of our social media, or give them a tip for a job well done- even a small one will get the message across.  Let us know you’re looking for a detail through a call or our Request Form, and we will take care of the details!

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Auto Detailing Gift Certificate

One of the thing that car lovers love to do is pamper their cars. Now, many car lovers love to pamper their car themselves but for those of them that do not have the time or just would prefer a professional service to do it. Onsite Detail offers Gift Certificates by dollar amount that can be put towards any service your car lover wants or they can be purchased by service and size of vehicle.

Car Maintenance Kit

Many car lovers are DIYers when it comes to their cars. Their cars are their babies and they really enjoy spending time with and taking care of them. A “car maintenance kit” can include things such as;

  1. Tire Pressure Gauge
  2. Snow Removal Brush/Ice Scraper
  3. Microfiber rags for dusting/cleaning
  4. Air Fresheners
  5. Rubber Floor Mats
  6. Glass Cleaner

There are many other things you could add to the kit. Only you know your car lover the best so think of things they might like and use the most. You can even get items personalized for them such as custom air fresheners or a custom parking spot sign.

Tickets to Auto Event or Car Show

What does a car lover love more than looking at cool cars. There are always events going on all around Utah, some free and some you’ll need to get tickets for. Here are a few sites that have events listed Utah Car Czar and Jc Hackett.

Vehicle Maintenance

Another thing that car lovers like is to make sure their car is running in tip top shape. There are many mechanics that are more than willing to work with you to provide some kind of maintenance package or just a surprise gift for someone. One of the best mechanic shops in town is Denny’s Auto in Riverton. They have some amazing technicians and the best customer service around.

Car Movies

As mentioned in the car show/event section, car lovers love to look and watch cars. There are plenty of movies that are based around different aspects of the car world. There are documentaries as well as fast paced action movies. The most popular is probably The Fast and Furious series. I’m sure you all seen that.


All in all there are many car based gifts that are out there. Many more that I have not mentioned here. Make them personal and thoughtful and I’m sure your car lover will love you for it.

by Chris Blaisdell, CD-SV, Onsite Detail

Chris Blaisdell is the owner of Onsite Detail and has been detailing  for 12 + years.
He is a Certified Detailer-Skills Validated detailer through the
International Detailing Association. The industry leader in detailing standards.

The Gift Of Detailing

The Gift Of Detailing

‘Tis the season we have all been waiting for… where we take the time to find great gift ideas for friends and loved ones.  However, you probably have someone who is hard to buy for. Maybe they have everything they need, don’t have a wish list, or all the good gifts have been bought by someone else.  What do you give to someone like that?

Let me answer that with another question: have you considered giving the gift of a vehicle detailing or detailing gift certificate?

Think about it!  Anyone with any kind of vehicle, be it a car, boat, trailer, RV, motorcycle, etc. can benefit from a mobile detailing service. Even if the car is brand new off the lot, it’s likely the vehicle will need a little something to keep it clean, protected and well-maintained.  And unlike most gifts that are based around services, car detailing is an easy one to plan for, especially with us here at Onsite Detail. Because we go to the customer, your gift receiver doesn’t have to worry about scheduling around a drive to a shop. That means they can relax at home or get their vehicle detailed while at work and not lose work hours!

Sounds great!  But how does one go about preparing this gift?  This handy guide is here to help!

Step 1:  Figure Out What They Want or Need

Unlike most gifts that require some sneaky investigation to figure out, cars and other vehicles are hard to hide and therefore easy to check.  If it’s someone you live with it is even easier to go look at their car and find any “needs detailing” spots. Otherwise simply asking for a ride or to look at the car can be helpful ways of finding out what could be worked on.  Plus, it’s a good way of finding out what the make and model of the car is!

It helps to know what to look for when checking out the vehicle.  I suggest looking at both the interior and exterior and seeing what first catches your eye.  

For interiors, is there a strange smell or stain that could use work?  Does the interior have sticky cup holders and a dusty headliner? Could the seats use some leather treatment?  

As for the exterior, are there swirl marks on the hood?  Is the plastic and rubber fading? Could it use some hard water spot removal, or even just a wash?  If the vehicle is an RV or boat or similar, could it use a good wash and wax?

If they’ve mentioned anything in particular, hone in on that!  It may be something they’d love to have done but likely wouldn’t spend on themselves to do.  My own mother once discussed how her passenger door handles were starting to oxidize, so I got her Buffing & Polishing to get it restored as part of a gift.  She likely wouldn’t have bought that for herself, but she was more than happy to receive it!

Step 2: Find the right service

Now that you know what they could use for a detail, it’s time to look at the services.  With us you can do this two ways. First is to browse the website. You can look at interior, exterior, or both when it comes to our list of services, as well as specialty services like a clay bar treatment, plastic restoration, and leather treatment.  Once you have an idea of what you want you can submit an Appointment Request form and we’ll reply within a day to get you started!

The second way is to call us at 801-412-9274 (which you can also send text messages to) on the weekdays between 9am and 5pm.  Our Admin staff are more than happy to help you narrow down the right service and figure out pricing and availability. It’s also a good way to ask questions, such as vehicle sizes or potential travel charges.  Our goal is to get you the right service for your gifting needs!

If you’re still not sure what to get them for a specific service, you can easily purchase a gift certificate instead.  This is especially wise if the person has a crazy schedule or you can’t see the vehicle often or well enough.

Step 3: Making the Appointment

This is a part where you make an important choice: do you want this to be a surprise, or do you want them in on the idea?  If you’re going for the former, you can easily make an appointment with us by calling or filling out a Request Form. A pro of doing it this way is our staff are agreeable in making this work, and since we are mobile we can be flexible in scheduling.  Cons, however, include setting up a good time and date without completely informing you gift receiver of what is going on. You also would need access to their car. If they have a roommate or spouse that can work with you, it might help to ask for the assistance!  If setting up a scheduled time is tricky, you can surprise them in other ways, like sitting them down and explain your plan during a surprise visit.

However, if they’re not one for surprises or the hassle is just too much, it’ll be worth working with them to make the appointment work.  Having them nearby when calling or coordinating a scheduled appointment time can lead to a smooth appointment setup that gives them what they want or need.  

If none of these ideas really work, you can always give them a gift certificate!  This is especially useful if you want to give them something physical. You can put it in a card or small decorative box, or wrap it like a scroll with a ribbon to give as a tangible gift.

Step 4: Celebrate!

Once the appointment is set, let us do the hard work!  We will arrive and detail your friend’s or loved one’s vehicle and make it like new.  With no need to travel, buy product, or work outside on a potentially overwhelming job, you reap the full benefits of a detail service.  Your gift receiver will get a much-needed service done without big hassle, we get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you get to enjoy giving a gift that will be greatly appreciated.  Everyone wins!

With the big holiday season on our doorstep, we at Onsite Detail are ready to make your holidays happy for you, your friends and your loved ones.  We look forward to hearing from you!

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail