Our Top 5 Places to go Boating in Utah


Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Flaming Gorge is one of our favorite places to take the boat out. The reservoir, surrounded by greenery and rocky cliffs, goes on for 91 miles. Whether you want to fish, do water sports activities, or relax, Flaming Gorge has you covered, as it offers many great opportunities and services to fit your needs! Run out of fuel? Want a tour? Don’t have a boat? No need to worry, The Gorge will take good care of you. Providing three marinas for customer use, they are ready to provide you with whatever you may need, to make your boating experience ideal!

Sand Hollow Reservoir

Sand Hollow Reservoir, located in Sand Hollow National Park is home to red rocks and bright blue waters. Are you in the St. George area? Or an out of towner looking for a little weekend getaway? Sand Hollow is the perfect place. The Reservoir provides visitors with a great place to fish, go boating, try out water sports, or have a relaxing spot on the red sandy beaches. Something that makes Sand Hollow unique from other lakes or reservoirs, is its warm waters. So no need to worry about being cold when enjoying your water activities. Want to make a weekend out of it? Sand Hollow also provides visitors with hiking trails, camping, and picnic spots.

Pineview Reservoir

It may not be the sandy beaches of California, but it could be a close second! At Pineview Reservoir, you get the best of both Utah and the sandy beaches of California. Encircled by mountains and trees, are sandy beaches that transport you to a secret oasis. At Pineview, visitors can enjoy a relaxing day on the beach, boating and water sports, and swimming. Pineview is an ideal location for boating due to the calmness of the water, smooth water conditions, and lack of wind. Pineview is the place for you!

Strawberry Reservoir

Fisherman, listen up! Strawberry Reservoir is where you need to visit for a calmer boating experience. Strawberry Reservoir is most known for its fishing. The Reservoir has four specific areas for those wanting to fish. This area is great for catch and release fishing, with fishing opportunities all year long and seasonally as well!

Jordanelle Reservoir

Jordanelle Reservoir is one of the most popular boating spots in Utah, attracting visitors from all over the valley. Visitors can camp, fish, picnic, boat, and do other activities at the Reservoir. Jordanelle even offers an Aqua Zone, which includes inflatable water games for those of all ages 6+! Whether you want an exciting day full of water activities and sports or a relaxing cruise around the Reservoir, Jordanelle has it all! (Park officials ask that if you bring your boat to the reservoir, ensure it is decontaminated before arrival.)

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