Ways You can help Teachers with Back to School Expenses

Ways You can help Teachers with Back to School Expenses 

Teachers play a huge role in our lives, as students, parents, etc. Do you want to support teachers? Here are some ways you can help teachers afford their back-to-school supplies. 


Amazon Wishlist

Many teachers have created Amazon Wishlist’s highlighting items and materials they need for the school year. Users can go on Amazon and purchase items directly from the creator’s Wishlist. Ask your teacher or students’ teacher if they have an Amazon Wishlist. If they don’t, ask if they would like one set up!

Gift Cards

Sending/ giving teachers gift cards to an office supply or grocery store is another way you can help teachers who need them. They will be able to buy supplies themselves and hopefully avoid having to pay out of pocket for office supplies.


You can donate specifically to the teacher you are helping and many others, whether through supplies or financially. There are also several helpful donation resources and organizations that allow you to donate to teachers everywhere.

School Supply Lists

Many schools and school districts will post classroom supply lists. Get in touch with the school you are supporting, and ask if there are any supply lists you can make a donation to. Or if they need any help making lists for specific classrooms.


These are great ways to support teachers, students, and schools!

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