Glass Coatings

Are you sick and tired of having it rain or the sprinklers hit your car while you are asleep and the water leaves those nasty hard water spots behind? We are too. Luckily we found a product that helps with those issues plus so many more.

Onsite Detail offers a line of glass coatings that could be great for you and your car.

What is a glass coating?

A glass coating is a layer of protection that is added to your windshield and any other windows on your car. It forms a bond to your glass that makes it more hydrophobic, meaning that water and dirt will just roll off with ease.

These coatings not only help with water and dirt but also help reduce glare from all the lights around you. Imagine driving at night and not having to squint when that jerk with awesome LED lights drives past you. We aren’t guaranteeing that you won’t have to squint but we are saying it sure does help.

If you are in Utah like we are, snow and ice are pesky buggers in the morning when it’s time to leave for work. With our glass coatings, it makes it easier for that snow and ice to fall off your windows. Now all of you defrosting warriors who don’t brush or scrape off your windows and drive while staring through that little crack that already defrosted can actually drive safer quicker, yes we are those people too.

If you are also like us in the fact that we love road trips these glass coatings can save you a ton of time cleaning your windshield off. All of those bugs you killed while driving down I-15 will now come off with ease. No more going through a tunnel car wash and realizing that most of the bug guts are still on your windshield mocking you that you aren’t strong enough to remove their remains. With our coatings, the glass is protected and an amazing layer is created that makes everything slick and no stick. Yes, things will stick but will come off much easier.

Lastly, these coatings help support your windows to stay strong in case one of those awesome construction trucks hit a bump on the freeway and send thousands of little pebbles headed towards your face. There are other scenarios in which these coatings will help support your windshield but that scenario is fresh in the heart currently.

Basically, if you don’t get a window coating we really don’t know what to tell you besides we question your judgment as a human or we realize you don’t give two rats about your car and that’s fair. We still value you as customers for our other services but come on these coatings protect, make things easier to clean, reduce glare, and keep crap off your windows so it’s a no-brainer.

How is Glass Coatings Applied?

Applying your glass coating takes only a few simple steps.

First, we decontaminate your windows so that there is no residue or crap left behind. Just spraying Windex on them isn’t going to get the job done (We do not use Windex, we use way more effective products).

Second, we polish out your glass so that we smooth it out.

Third, we apply the coating with our handy dandy sponges to ensure that the coating is applied evenly throughout the glass.

Finally, we let the coating cure to the glass to ensure that the coating lasts as long as possible.

It’s that easy. All of our coatings last for 6 months plus, depending on how you treat your car. All of our window coatings can be maintained with regular visits. This way we ensure that your windshield stays protected for a long time.

As usual, this blog does not do this service and product justice so please feel free to give us a call and we can answer all of your glass coating questions.


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