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Why should you get a ceramic coating on your vehicle

Why should you get a ceramic coating on your vehicle?

With so much talk going around about ceramic coatings and it being the new hot thing for many car owner’s, the question arises, why should I get a ceramic coating installed on my vehicle? There are many answers of why you and should not get a coating installed on your vehicle. Let’s go over some of these reasons. 

First of all, the benefits a ceramic coating can provide are many and vary from brand to brand. 

Most coatings, if not all offer the benefit of prolonged protection superior to traditional car waxes or paint sealants. I’ve heard of coatings for vehicles that have claims of lasting from a year to 10 years. Personally, I’m a little skeptical of the 10-year claims but maybe that’s just me. All of the coatings I’ve used do stress the importance of proper prep work before installation, proper installation of the coating and proper maintenance after the coating is installed. 

Another huge benefit of a ceramic car coating is the fact that is repels water and dirt much more than an unprotected, a waxed or a paint sealed vehicle. This means that it is also much easier to keep a vehicle clean and also much easier to wash it and maintain it. I have seen many tests done by detailers from around the world where vehicle panels are divided up and protected with different waxes, sealants and coatings. All the products that they’ve used repel water differently but coatings outlast and perform better than everything else as times goes on. 

I highly recommend getting a ceramic coating if your vehicle is newer or if you’ve recently had new paint protection film or a vinyl wrap installed. It will increase the life of the paint, PPF or vinyl wrap. 

So now you may ask, why would anyone not want a coating?  

One thing that must be understood and is often misrepresented or oversold about coatings is that a coating is “scratch proof” or “rock chip proof”. This is absolutely not true. Yes, a coating is harder/more durable than paint but it is not invincible. If a kid runs his bike handles or pedals down the side of a ceramic coated vehicle it will most likely scratch it. If improper washing if performed on the coating it will most likely leave swirl marks. If someone opens their door and slams it into a coated car it will still scuff and possibly dent it.  

If you have a vehicle that is in bad shape or some uncorrectable issues with the paint such as rock chips, deep scratches or paint cracking then a coating may not be for you. Of course, a coating can still be installed but those issues will still be there underneath.  

I hope this info has helped you decide if a coating is right for you and your vehicle. The benefits and value of what you get when a coating is professional installed is totally worth it. 

By Chris Blaisdell, CD, from Onsite Detail

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  1. Millie Hue
    Millie Hue says:

    It got me when you said that this procedure will lengthen the life of my car’s paint. With that in mind, I will be getting this done on my car since my vehicle is a secondhand car. From the details of the car, it appears that it is already seven years of age.

    • chris
      chris says:

      Thanks for commenting Millie. Whoever you get to install the coating make sure they are taking the proper preparation steps to prepare the paint since it is seven years old.

  2. David Johnson
    David Johnson says:

    Thank you for explaining that it would be beneficial to get a ceramic coating if your vehicle is newer or you’ve recently had paint protection film. Recently, I bought a car and have been looking for ways to keep it looking new. I’ll have to look more into ceramic coating and paint protection film.

  3. Afton Jackson
    Afton Jackson says:

    This is ceramic coating is relatively new to me. I appreciate it that you mentioned that this coating repels water and dirt better. My son will start driving soon and I am looking for a gift idea, I would need a professional to introduce me to this product and maybe have his car cleaned as well.

  4. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    I liked that you said that one reason to consider having ceramic coating installed on your vehicle is that it helps it to repel water better. I have been thinking about getting a car but I have been worried about longevity and damages. I will have a ceramic coating installed in order to prevent water damages.

  5. Ellie Davis
    Ellie Davis says:

    I never knew that ceramic coating will offer prolonged protection superior to traditional car waxes. My husband was watching an ad about ceramic car coating, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about the benefits of ceramic coating to help his decision.

  6. Zachary Tomlinson
    Zachary Tomlinson says:

    The idea of having a coating that can repel water and dirt is very interesting. My uncle is about to get a Lexus from his dealer next month and since it’s a luxury car, I don’t think he can afford any dirt to destroy the car’s image. I should share this with him so he’d consider getting a ceramic coating on his vehicle.


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