How To Know You Found the Best RV Detailing Service

Do They Have Good Reviews?

One of the best ways to ensure you find the best RV detailing service is to check the reviews. Look at the various company’s google reviews, yelp reviews, and even just local reviews. That will tell you a lot about their work and if their previous customers have been happy and satisfied.

These days it is easy to get tricked by fake reviews. Read through many of them, even the 5-star reviews, to determine if they are legitimate reviews. With many service-type businesses, the primary source perspectives are the best way to determine if you should work with one specific company over another. 

Comparing reviews on different platforms like google vs. yelp may yield different results. It’s great to compare them to see if both are overwhelmingly positive or negative; or if there is a disparity. If there is a discrepancy in reviews between platforms, that could be a red flag, and you may want to figure out why. Reliable reviews generally equal dependable results

Person Detailing an RV

Make Sure the Service or Options Provided Match What You Need

Different detailing companies offer particular services. Check to confirm the detailing service business that you choose provides the best RV detailing service and can achieve what you want. RVs go through a lot and can take a beating. Not only do they travel through many places and environments, but they are living spaces for multiple people. That can become messy, fast! Think about how chaotic your car can get, particularly if you have little ones. Now, imagine the hurricane that an RV could seem like after a long road trip. 

Different companies have different capabilities. Some may only clean the vehicle. Other companies go more in-depth and even take preventative and protective measures to help your RV look better and last longer. The proper care and maintenance of an RV or 5th wheel can take much more time and effort than a regular car

It’s not just about the bigger size of the vehicle. The living spaces can become super dirty because it’s the primary space to do everything from cooking and eating food to hanging out and playing games. It can even be a space where people sleep and use the restroom. All RVs are different; some may require specific skills, tools, or awareness to get the job done in the best way. Here is a list of some of the services that Onsite Detail provides for customers needing the best RV detailing service. 

– RV Washing

– Interior RV Cleaning & Detailing

– RV Carpet Shampoo

– RV Waxing

– RV Gel Coat Polishing & Buffing

– RV Ceramic Coating and Glass Coating

– RV Rubber Roof Cleaning and Protection

Onsite Detail can match their services to address many distinct needs. From keeping your RV looking fresh to protecting it from all the harmful elements, there isn’t anything that they can’t or won’t do. Get your RV detailed!

Are They Mobile, Or Can They Come to You?

Many detail shops would require you to bring the vehicle into the shop, especially for an RV or specialty vehicle. Onsite Detail offers you the option. You can choose between coming into the shop or using their mobile RV detailing service. They have the capability for the mobile service to meet you at your home, business, storage, or RV park to get the job done. 

Location is important. Many people don’t want to bring their RV to a detailing shop or may not live very close to one. Having mobile options can be a determining factor when choosing a detailing company. Convenience is a huge factor for many people. To find the best RV detailing service with mobile capabilities, give us a call and see all the amazing services we can do for you!

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