10 Unique Detailing Services You Didn’t Know We Could Do

Posted July 27, 2019 by Chris Blaisdell, Onsite Detail

When I receive requests from people about detailing services, they usually say the same things.  “I want a detail,” “I’d like a wash and detail,” and “Just a detail” are all common, though when I ask what kind of detail they would like, most respond with “I don’t know, what do you do?

While our Interior Details and Full Combo Details are our most popular detailing services, they are not the only kinds of detailing we do.  In fact, our detailing services go far beyond vacuuming and washing the car- heck, it even goes beyond waxing and shampooing! To get a better idea, here is a list of ten detailing services we can do (that you maybe didn’t know even existed).

  1. Claybar Treatment

This was a detailing service I didn’t even know existed until I started working at Onsite Detail!  Clay bars are clay-like bars (as the name suggests) that pull contaminants from vehicle surfaces.  Vehicles have multiple layers of paint and clear coat, and things get embedded into them that we cannot always see.  If you run your hand over your freshly washed car and feel a rough surface, you likely need a Claybar. This extracts contaminants and keeps paint and clear coats from oxidation and other potentially expensive repairs!  If you want to know more, I recommend a blog dedicated entirely to Claybars written by our own Operations Manager: https://onsitedetail.net/blog/the-little-known-world-of-the-clay-bar/ 

  1. Deep Odor Removal

A step up from our classic Interior Detail + Odor Bomb, this new detailing service gets smells other detailing services just can’t get!  Long-term smells like smoke and mildew like to embed themselves in cars and could return even after deep cleaning.  

Our Deep Odor Removal service aims to tackle those persistent smells once and for all.  Done after an Interior Detail and spending a night in our shop, it can remove smells many thought would be permanent.  Say goodbye to cigarette smells for good!

  1. Ceramic Coating

Traditionally people protect their vehicle exteriors through wax or paint sealants, which are viable ways of keeping it shiny and safe!  However, what if there was a solution that allows your vehicle to have that gloss with even more protection? This is where our Ceramic Coatings come in.

Ceramic Coatings create a strong protective layer over most of the exterior surface of the car, even bonding with existing clear coats to be more durable.  This layering keeps the vehicle safe from contaminants and comes with an extra special process from our company. Our Ceramic Coating installation includes decontamination of the paint, which utilizes our lovely Claybar, and Paint Correction, which restores paint imperfections such as swirl marks and water spots.  These extra steps help make your vehicle glossy and give it a longer-lasting “just waxed” shine that can, with good maintenance, last for years!

  1. Child Seat Detailing Service

Our Child Seat Cleaning is one of our detailing services that is often overlooked by customers but can be a big lifesaver.  Many of us here at Onsite Detail have children of our own, and we know firsthand that all our love and attention can’t prevent every mess a child makes!  Rather than just quickly vacuum out the seat, we go as far as to deep clean it, including steam cleaning and shampooing to fully clean and sanitize it. It’s a great service to pair with an Interior Detail!

  1. Glassparency

Glassparency, or Glass Protection, is a detailing service we now provide for windshields and all glass surfaces, including sunroofs!  This hydrophobic application gives special advantages to your glass surfaces, the most noticeable being that rain, mud, and similar hazards will fall right off!  (Some have even reported that their wipers last longer since they do not need to use them as often.) it also reduces glare, makes windows easier to clean, and protects the glass from mineral buildup.  

  1. Plastic Restoration

Plastic and rubber are not what one usually thinks of when thinking of cars.  However, they are not immune to the elements and other hazards! Over time these fade and become oxidized.  

We carry a solution to this in our Plastic Restoration detailing service!  We use a special solution that is absorbed into the plastic and rubber, restoring its color, repairing oxidation, and even giving it further protection from the elements.  We even make sure to apply this by hand so it is done evenly and thoroughly.  

  1. Hard water/Sap/Tar Removal

Summertime brings more hazards than sunburn and heatstroke.  Hard water from sprinklers, tree sap from camping, and tar from construction love to appear and make life difficult!  Thankfully our year-round services include taking care of hard water spots, sap, tar, and any other sticky situations you may have.  

  1. Engine Detailing Service

Engines need love too!  Engine Details include degreasing your engine, shining the metal, and dressing the plastic and rubber bits.  This not only makes it look car-show ready, it also has helped some people sell their vehicles and in one case helped find a leak that would have cost tons in repairs later on!  They come for free with our Full Combo Details or can be added to any service.  

  1. Headlight Restoration

A simple but important service is our Headlight Restoration.  Headlights like to fog up over time, and this haziness can make a car look old and its lights dimmer.  We simply go in and polish the headlights to remove that haziness, leaving them clear as the day it was made!

  1. Over Spray Removal

Has your vehicle been sprayed by a truck that was painting the roads?  Did industrial fallout land on your car and refuse to come off easy? These are things we have experience in handling!  Our detailers are trained in removing difficult overspray, and as construction increases in warmer months, you may want to keep us in mind in case any accidents like these happen to you!


All of these services are done by professionally trained detailers who love restoring vehicles of all kinds.  In fact, many of these can be done to vehicles like RVs, boats, motorhomes, motorcycles, and more! If you have a special need for your car, give us a call!  We likely have a solution for you.

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail