How to take the Headache Out Keeping Your Fleet Clean

Posted February 11, 2020 by Chris Blaisdell, Onsite Detail

How to take the headache out keeping your fleet clean

If you have ever had to manage a fleet of vehicles you know the pain of trying to coordinate the logistics of keeping your fleet clean and protected. Not only that but you end up having to rely on the drivers or yourself to actually get it done. Over the years I have heard the complaints from fleet managers about the pains of having to shuttle cars back and forth to the car wash or having to hire an employee to wash them and vacuum them out on a regular basis. While in some cases this may work, it is hard to keep up the quality and morale of these individuals stuck with what can feel like a never ending task. It is not usually the best use of someone’s time to have to shuttle cars or try detailing them themselves without all the proper tools and chemicals. In the majority of cases, when you break down the numbers, it costs a company much more money to do this themselves then to just hire a professional fleet washing and detailing company like Onsite Detail to do the work for you of keeping your fleet clean.

When hiring in house you must also calculate the costs of;

  • Training
  • Insurance
  • Workers Comp
  • Benefits
  • Equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Employee Turnover
  • And many other costs.

The time and energy spent moving vehicles not only is time consuming but it puts the vehicles themselves on the road more,which increases the risk of an accident and increases the wear and tear on the vehicles.

We offer the solution to keeping your fleet clean

We offer a solution to each one of these problems faced by fleet managers and the companies they work for. No more headaches over the logistics of getting vehicles cleaned up and detailed or dealing with employee training or management. 

With our fleet washing and detailing programs we can handle large and small fleets. We can handle fleets of sedans all the way up to semi trucks. We do both interior and exterior washing and detailing. We can properly care for wrapped vehicles as well as any specialty things like chrome or aluminum.

Types of Fleets Onsite Detail can work on;

  • Trucking fleets
  • Delivery fleets (food services, medical services,packages/mail, auto parts, etc.)
  • Service Company Fleets (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrician, etc.)
  • Transport Fleets
  • Rental Car Fleets
  • Construction Fleets
  • Municipal Fleets
  • Telecommunication Fleets
  • Taxi Company Fleets
  • Limo Fleets
  • Landscaping Fleets

In other words, if you have a fleet needing a wash and detailing service, we can handle it. Most of the fleets we service are set up on a regular basis. We go out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to keep each fleet cleaned up and protected.

For the company fleets that we service they receive much more than just clean vehicles but an improved image to their customers. When they show up to complete a job, deliver items, or whatever they may do or when they are driving down the freeway in clean and good looking vehicles people notice and they are perceived of better and higher value in the market. With a perceived higher value not only will people be more inclined to buy and the company be more memorable but you and your employees will start to take more pride in the company and themselves. 

With all this being said I hope you can see why our fleet washing and detailing services can be a big benefit to your fleet. Please give us a call or reach out via text or email if you have any questions on how we can help you take care of your fleet. (801) 412-9274 or

by Chris Blaisdell, CD-SV, Onsite Detail

Chris Blaisdell is the owner of Onsite Detail and has been detailing  for 12 + years.
He is a Certified Detailer-Skills Validated detailer through the
International Detailing Association. The industry leader in detailing standards.