How far out are you scheduled?

We are often three to five days out in the schedule, but some services can be fit in if they’re small, or they can be put on the standby list. It’s best to call in advance, but call either way! Sometimes we do have availability same or next day.

Where are you located?

We currently do not have a shop to bring your vehicle to. Instead, we are strictly mobile, which means we come to you!

How long will my boat/RV/motorhome/etc. take?

That depends on the condition, the services you want, and the size of the vehicle. As such, we cannot give exact times. For more accurate estimates you can send pictures to our phone number or email, and we can give an estimate. Vehicles like buses, boats, RVs, and airplanes are $75 per man hour. If you’re concerned about budget or time, you can talk to the detailer on how long it will take.

Can I add to my detailing service?

If we have time, sure! Otherwise you are best off getting exactly what you want down on the schedule the first time around, since the detailers may have other appointments. For big additions like a second vehicle, we suggest a second appointment.

Can you do more than one vehicle for an appointment?

We certainly can! Just let us know you want more than one vehicle done so we can make time for them.

Why do you need my email?

We send digital receipts to client emails if requested. We do almost everything paperless to be more efficient. We do NOT sell customer information. We are a small business and we protect your information.

Paying for Services

How does payment work? Do I pay everything up front?

We take a $30 appointment deposit before the appointment, which goes towards the final balance. After the service is completed you can pay the detailer directly (they can take cash, check, or card). If something happens so this isn’t possible (such as you not being there) you can prepay over the phone by calling us at 801-412-9274. We can also keep your card on file to make future transactions quick, easy and convenient.

Are there any additional fees?

The only other charges outside of service prices are travel charge if applicable. Service prices do not include tax, or optional tip.

Do we take tips?

Yes! They are not required but very appreciated.

What’s an Extra Dirty charge?

Some vehicles are in very bad condition and will take the detailer a lot longer to clean than average. If the detailer will need to go late on an appointment, they will charge an Extra Dirty charge, which is $50 per man hour over. However, the detailer will not do this without informing you first and getting your authorization to work longer!

I can’t be there to pay for the end of the appointment. Should I reschedule?

Not necessarily. If you know you will not be there and are fine with a detailer working on your vehicle, you can call the office to prepay and/or put your credit card on file. With your card on file we can go ahead and get the detail done. We will call you after to confirm the total before charging your card. If you are not comfortable with that, we suggest rescheduling.

During Your Appointment

Where is my detailer??

Detailers have a one-hour arrival time, which your scheduler should make clear. A detailer, for example, who is scheduled for 8am should arrive no later than 9am to an appointment (though they are encouraged to be early). However, if it goes past this hour or it’s anticipated they will be late, the detailer or office staff will contact you and inform you. If you’ve not heard from the detailer and they are late, call the office at 801-412-9274 so they can find out where the detailer is. We have GPS trackers on each mobile van so we can find out quickly their location and let you know.

Why can’t you schedule exact times?

We are strictly mobile and no job is the same, we ask for some room between appointments in case the detailers get stuck with a difficult job, in traffic or other things out of our control. We try to schedule detailers to be in the same area to help minimize the risk of tardiness (so we don’t have someone working in Ogden trying to get to Provo, for instance). This works both ways, however, as sometimes detailers get done early with an earlier appointment and can arrive sooner than the 1 hour window provided to do your detailing service, if your vehicle is ready for us of course!

How will I know they arrived?

Most of the time the detailer will need to contact you to confirm the details of the job but if you are not available or will not be present we can add a note to the appointment to have the detailer call you upon arrival or when they are on their way.

How should I prepare for my detail service?

Clear your car of personal belongings or any excess trash, though we also provide bags to put items in. Make sure the vehicle is somewhere legal for us to be at and that there is room for the detailer to get to all sides of the vehicle. We provide our own water and power, so no need for hookups. Read this blog post to find out more on how to be ready for us.

Water and Equipment

What kind of water do you use?

We use de-ionized water, which is purified multiple times so it leaves no hard water spots.

Do you need water or electric hookups?

Nope! Our vans are equipped with water tanks and generators so we can go anywhere and help with any job.

What product do you use for (insert service here)?

We use many different professional grade products from various companies. Please call us or contact us for product information at 801-412-9274.