Vac and Shampoo

Vac and Shampoo

– VACUUM The vehicle is thoroughly vacuumed, including seams in upholstery and leather, under seats and in between seats to ensure heavier dirt and debris are removed.

– SHAMPOO Stains are pre-treated. The carpet, mats and seats are steam cleaned or shampooed, scrubbed and extracted as necessary.

– WIPE DOWN The dash, center console, cup holders and door panels are quickly wiped down.

– WINDOWS The interior windows are cleaned and polished streak free.

*Extra fee for excessively dirty vehicles, pet hair, pet mess, vomit, mold/mildew, rotten food, gasoline or paint spill, etc.

Please let us know if your vehicle has an issue such as these so we can make sure to schedule enough time and be properly prepared to remedy the issue.


SMALL $129

Coupes, Sedans, Small 2 seat trucks


Mid-sized cars, small 4 seat trucks and crossover SUVs

LARGE $179

Mini-vans, full-size trucks and SUVs


Anything with more than 3 rows of seating