Why is it Important to Hire a Professional Detailer?

Why Hire a Professional?

This is a question that drives me insane. Not just in detailing but in other industries as well. Why hire a professional roofer or plumber? Why would you hire a professional web designer for your business? Why hire a professional lawyer? Why hire a professional photographer for your wedding? …and the list goes on.

Years ago, I had a customer call us and he was requesting a full detail for his $85,000+ boat. He asked some questions regarding the services we offer. I asked some questions back to clarify exactly what he was wanting done. Then he brought up pricing. As soon as I gave him a ballpark cost he acted shocked. There was a bit of an awkward pause and then he asked me, “What’s the difference between you guys and the kid down the street I can have do it for $8 an hour?”. Ugh… I wanted to hang up on him… I politely explained that we were professional detailers.

Advantages of  Hiring Professional Detailers

As professional detailers, we…

Why Hire a Professional Detailer? - Boat Detailing Picture - Onsite Detail in Sandy Utah

  • Have all the proper licensing and insurance.
  • Are in compliance with all regulations and laws.
  • Have the proper training and skill level.
  • Have the knowledge of the why’s and how to’s of detailing.
  • Use professional grade products and equipment.
  • Have the knowledge of the proper use of each chemical.
  • Have experience with many different kinds of boats.
  • Do this to make a living. We support our families via detailing.
  • Are serious about what we are doing and we won’t cut corners.
  • Are members of the International Detailing Association.
  • Follow a code of ethics

We could provide him with a great experience and he would be rest assured his boat would be taken care of and detailed with the proper chemicals and equipment and not have any issues down the road. Also if an injury were to occur on the job, he would not be liable.

With “a kid down the street” as he put it he would not be guaranteed anything and he would not know what kind of products this kid used on his boat. He may have used dish soap and furniture polish which would surely cause damage in the long term. He for sure would not have the proper tools to clean and protect the boat. He could potentially expose himself to a lawsuit if the “kid” was injured or exposed to a chemical.

The Hamburger Analogy

I can’t recall where I heard this from but it is very simple in terms of “you get what you pay for.”

If you go to a fast food chain and order a hamburger you can pay as little as one dollar. When you get a burger and pay one dollar you can’t expect much but you know what you’re paying for and you know what you’ll get. You are not getting the most fresh ingredients. You are not getting the healthiest ingredients. The meat is not the most pure. The the flavor will be plain. These kind of restaurants cannot provide a better burger because they do not have the right ingredients or equipment to make something of more value.

Let’s contrast that to a gourmet burger from a high end restaurant. You will pay much more but you will also get much more. The smell, flavor and even the service you receive will be absolutely better. The burger will be exactly how you ordered it. A mouth watering, extremely satisfying experience. These restaurants have invested in the proper ingredients, equipment and training of their employees, as well as hired the best chefs to give you this experience.

You really can’t compare the two kinds of burgers. Now I realize there are many kinds of burgers that vary between the two, but you get the point.

Hiring a pro is like paying for a better burger while hiring the cheap guy from down the street is like picking off a very limited dollar menu.

The True Value of Hiring a Professional Detailer

The bottom line is we hire professionals for services because they have the training, certification(s), licensing, insurance, experience and know how to give you what you want. A professional also makes a living doing what they do and more than not they enjoy what they do and take pride in their work. Next time you consider the true value in hiring a professional detailer, remember these things and ask the right questions when looking to hire someone who claims to be a professional.

by Chris Blasidell, CD, Onsite Detail

How to Prepare For Your Detailing Service

How to Prepare For Your Detailing Service

It is a miserable feeling walking to your car, boat, RV, etc. and seeing how badly it needs to be cleaned and protected but you don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to do it yourself.  Utilizing our mobile detailing services takes the stress of cleaning and protecting your vehicle away and leaves you with that shiny clean car you want to see. If hiring a mobile detailer is new to you, or it’s just been awhile, consider these four tips when you’re ready to prepare for your detail service!

1. Figure Out Exactly What You Want

There are two main areas to each car: interior and exterior.  Well, there are more, but for detailing we will start here. It will help to look at both parts to figure out exactly what you want.

Is the inside filthy after that family road trip?  Does the outside have lots of scratches or hard water spotting but the inside could just use a wipe down?  Are you looking to sell the car and need everything like new? Decide what you want done and look through the services page and see what options are available. If you have questions or need clarification just go ahead and ask. If you’re unsure about what services your vehicle needs, bring this up and we can help find the right service for you.

If there are specific issues you want your detailer to work on, such as the engine, exhaust pipes, pet hair removal or stains in the seats, let us know in advance.  This will help with scheduling the correct amount of time for the appointment and allow the detailer to come prepared with the right chemicals and equipment to do the job correctly and efficiently!

Onsite Detail Bonus Tip: At Onsite Detail you can send photos of scuffs, scratches, oxidation or stains and that will help us give you a better idea how we can help and what pricing will look like! You can email or text the photos to us.

2. Call In Advance

We will do our best to schedule your detail appointment at your preferred time, but every so often it just doesn’t work out.  It is worth calling, emailing or texting us in advance to schedule. It gives you time to prepare and helps get the time slot you want.  Knowing what you want for service in advance can help us find time to schedule too. Some services take as little as half an hour, while some take all day.  Never be afraid to ask how long it will take!

If requesting an appointment for same-day service we will do our best to make an appointment work but if not we’ll find the next best time. Of course, things happen and sometimes you might need to call right away. It’s definitely worth calling as soon as you can!  We have a waiting lists in case an appointment drops or we are running ahead of schedule and time opens up, but if you can help it, contact us in advance to get the most options available to you.

Onsite Detail Bonus Tip: When scheduling an appointment with us, we require a $30 appointment deposit that goes toward your final balance.  This holds your spot on our calendar! 

3. Clear Out Your Vehicle

Wait, aren’t you calling Onsite Detail to clean your car?  Well, yes! But detailers cannot do much about the stuff in the car that isn’t, well, the car. It’s worth clearing your vehicle of items such as bags, papers, toys, or personal items. Take the stuff out of the center console and gloves box as well as any pockets or other storage spaces. If your vehicle is full of stuff that requires the detailer to spend time taking out, its cuts down on the time to do the actual detailing.  The next time you go to the gas station, throw away trash in the cans near the pumps.

Some detail places such as ours will find ways to handle your items if you just ran out of time, so it is always worth asking what their protocol is if you have a concern!

Onsite Detail Bonus Tip: Our detailers are trained to clean child car seats too, for a low cost. Just ask!

4. Make Sure There Is Room To Work

An important thing to think about is the location.  Detailers can’t work on your car inside or out if they can’t get to it, after all.  Make sure they will have access to all sides of the car and there is plenty of room to open all of the doors as well as plenty to park the mobile detailing van.

Things to look out for are;

  • other vehicles parked nearby.
  • any potential hazards around the car such as bikes, yard equipment, tree branches, etc.

    onsite detail of dodge ram truck

  • flat and stable ground for safety
  • available parking space for the detailing van.

If possible, try to find a shady spot for the detailer to work if the weather is hot.

If a detailer is coming to your workplace or anywhere that isn’t your home, be sure to check with the location if it is alright that they arrive and work there.  Most of the time companies are okay with it, but not having permission can lead to problems. If you are on the move, such as travelling through states, try to find a consistent spot such as an RV lot or relative’s/friend’s house that will permit the work.  We don’t have a list of places to meet if you are a customer on the go, but we are happy to accommodate your needs as long as you are willing to help us find the space!

Onsite Detail Bonus Tip: Our vans are equipped with our own water tanks and electrical hookups, so you don’t need to figure out a location with those connections! This means we can help you in more locations so you can get your detail job done with ease.

Knowing and doing these things will help make scheduling and receiving a mobile detailing service for your vehicle much easier.

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

What causes paint swirl marks and micro scratches?

What causes paint swirl marks and micro scratches?

Shiny vs. clean black paint swirl marks

Most people use the word “shiny” when describing a clean looking vehicle. As do I. But the thing is clean does not necessarily “shiny”. Many vehicle owners find that over time the paint on their vehicle looks less shiny and duller. The fact of the matter is that this happens to almost all vehicles unless they are kept inside a show room where no one is allowed to touch them.  This is referred to as swirl marks. 


Modern paint is a 2-stage paint. It is made up of a layer base color, which is the color of the vehicle that you see. The top layer is the clear coat. This is the layer we feel when we touch the paint. This is also the layer in which most minor scratches are found. Most of these micro scratches or swirl marks can be removed through the paint correction process or buffing and polishing. 

 car paint layers swirl marks

Causes of paint swirl marks 

It is true that some micro scratches are unavoidable if you are actually using your car.  

The most common cause of swirl marks is improper care and washing of the vehicle’s painted surfaces. 

The major factors that can contribute to swirl marks while washing are: 

  • Improper Rinsing (not rinsing completely before washing) 
  • No/Not enough lubrication from soap or other cleaning chemicals 
  • Wrong washing tools (stiff brushes, hard sponges, etc.) 
  • Dirty wash mitt, chamois, sponges, etc. 
  • Misuse of polishers/buffers and/or pads 
  • Dusting/wiping with rag or duster on dry car 
  • Not washing your car thoroughly before drying 
  • Automatic car washes with outdated brushes and other wipers 
  • Automatic car washes with poorly maintained brushes 
  • Using a car cover when the car or the cover is not clean


How to remedy swirl marks? 

It’s possible to correct most swirl marks through the process of paint correction. With the proper use of paint correction tools and compounds the clear coat layer can be smoothed out to bring back a mirror like finish. It is always easier to maintain a paint surface then spend the extra time or money to repair it once its damaged.  

by Chris Blaisdell, CD, Onsite Detail

How often should you have your vehicle detailed?

How often should you have your vehicle detailed?

The average vehicle 

For the average vehicle, a detail at the very least, once a year is recommended. I would actually recommend getting a car detail 2 to 6 times a year. We have many clients who get a detail done every month to keep their vehicle(s) to where they want them to be. This would be a very in-depth interior and exterior cleaning and protection. Most of the vehicles we see have gone way too long without proper care and can no longer be detailed back to their former glory. Besides a deep cleaning and protection, a vehicle requires regular maintenance washing and cleaning with a regular protection application of wax or paint sealant to stay in “like new” conditional as much as possible. Even ceramic coated vehicles need the proper care to avoid damage and problems. 

Other things to consider 

Other things that affect how often a vehicle should be detailed are, but not limited to; 

Tundra Detailed Utah Onsite Detail

Tundra Detailed Utah Onsite Detail

  • How much the vehicle is being used. 
  • What it is being used for. (work, racing, hauling kids around, etc.) 
  • What kind of vehicle it is. (daily driver, classic, exotic, etc.). 
  • If pets are allowed in the vehicle or not. 
  • Where the vehicle is parked. 
  • Climate the vehicle sees or what weather conditions it goes through. 
  • Age of the vehicle. 
  • Personal cleanliness preferences. 
  • Other personal preferences. 

Using a vehicle as a daily driver or a work truck will mean that detailing is needed more frequently to keep it in its best condition possible. 

Weather will also play a role in how clean or dirty a vehicle gets. During winter months in Utah salt is used on the roads to melt ice and keeps roads safe. Unfortunately, this salt will also stick to vehicles and begin to eat away at the paint and other services. The vehicle that goes through this should actually be washed and protected more often in the winter than in the warmer time of the year. 

Many people just prefer driving in a clean car and not having to deal with a mess.  

Annual Detailing Packages 

Many people like to have their vehicle scheduled for regular detail services. That takes the hassle out of trying to get it done when you are busy with life or just waiting until damage has occurred. 

Check out our annual detailing packages to see what we can do for you. 


By Chris Blaisdell, CD, from Onsite Detail