Clay Bar Treatment


Our Clay Bar Treatment cleans the paint surface. Some contaminants grip, even penetrate the clear coat. We safely remove these contaminants from the paint and leave your vehicle’s paint feeling slick and smooth.

Vehicle will need to be washed prior to treatment.
A protective paint sealant is recommended after to keep your vehicle’s paint protected and looking its best.

Price may vary depending on size and condition of vehicle. Depending on condition of paint, additional time and steps may be needed to complete the Clay Bar Treatment.

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Clay Bar FAQs

What is a clay bar treatment? 

A clay bar treatment is used to remove contaminants from your car’s paint using a piece of clay. 

What does a clay bar do? 

Things like brake dust, industrial fallout, and general dirt and dust floating around in the air stick to your car’s paint. A clay bar treatment uses clay to remove these contaminants safely giving your car a new look and feel. 

What to do after a clay bar treatment? 

We recommend that after your clay bar treatment you first wash your car and then get a protective paint sealant to keep your vehicle’s paint protected and looking its best in the long run. 

How often should you do a clay bar for your car? 

Clay bar treatments should be done once or twice a year depending on how often you clean your car and the grade of clay bar treatment you decide to use. 

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Coupes, Sedans, Small 2 seat trucks


Mid-sized cars, small 4 seat trucks and crossover SUVs


Mini-vans, full-size trucks and SUVs


Anything with more than 3 rows of seating