Mobile Ceramic Coating in Utah County, Utah


What is Ceramic Coating

If you are unfamiliar with ceramic coating, you are not alone. Many people are unaware that ceramic coating is even an option for maintaining a clean, aesthetically-pleasing look to their automobile. So, if you are asking yourself, “What is ceramic coating?” Here is the answer: ceramic coatings act effectively as a protective layer, similar to adding a layer of glass over the paint of your automobile. When a ceramic coating is applied to the paint of your vehicle, it will create a permanent or semi-permanent bond to the paint. Basically, the ceramic coating becomes fused to the paint and will not wash away. This will help save you time, money, and labor down the road since you will no longer need to repeatedly clean the exterior of your automobile. This means your vehicle will have a beautiful, just-drove-it-off-the-lot look for years into the future.

Why Onsite Detail in Utah County

You can choose from an array of automobile detailers and ceramic coating professionals in and around Utah County. This reality leads to an important question, “Why choose Onsite Detail in Utah County for your ceramic coating?” Here is the answer: Onsite Detail goes above and beyond for our customers. We do this by providing more than just detailing and ceramic coating. Our goal is to provide an overall gratifying experience that emphasizes ease and efficiency. That is why we have been in business for more than a decade and have earned a sterling reputation in Utah County and throughout Utah as a top-notch automobile detailer, including being recognized as preeminent in paint protection in Utah County.


Professional Ceramic Coating Process

Onsite Detail invests time, energy, and resources into providing a professional ceramic coating process for each of our customers. We make every effort to complete the ceramic coating process in a timely manner while never compromising on quality. Our objective is to ensure that, once the ceramic coating is on, it looks like your vehicle was just driven off the lot.

Our Ceramic Coating Products

Onsite Detail offers a cutting-edge “9H” ceramic coating product to all customers. Residents of Utah County will be astonished by the quality of the 9H ceramic coating. The unparalleled look provided by a 9H ceramic coating is primarily attributable to its highly concentrated silicon dioxide compounds. As a result, the 9H ceramic coating offers an enhanced level of protection for your automobile due to nano-technology. The innovative formulation within 9H ceramic allows the compounds to penetrate all of the tiny imperfections, cracks, and porous surface elements of your vehicle to provide stellar protection.

Mobile service; Let Us Visit Your Utah County Home

Is your schedule booked up with no time to visit our shop? We completely understand. As a Utah County detailer that has been in business for over a decade, we respect your time and understand it is precious (and limited). Many people in and around Utah County simply do not have the time to make the trek out to our shop for a ceramic coating. This is why Onsite Details offers an efficient and effective mobile service to customers residing in the following localities:

  • Utah County
  • Davis County
  • Washington County
  • Park City
  • Salt Lake County

You may be wondering, “Is the mobile service going to provide the same level of quality as an in-shop ceramic coating?” The answer is a resounding yes. Our cutting edge mobile detail vans are fully equipped and more than capable of handling a variety of detail jobs, including ceramic coating of vehicles. Our mobile service team is ready and able to get to work on beautifying and detailing your car, truck, motorcycle, SUV, boat, and even airplane. In fact, we are so confident in our mobile service that we can proudly say we are fully capable of handling practically any detail job at a location deemed most convenient to you. 


Benefits of Ceramic Coating

When a ceramic coating of your vehicle is completed, you should expect to experience some or all of the following benefits: 

  • Potentially–significant increase in the value of your automobile
  • Protection from the damage associated with UV ray exposure
  • Enhanced protection for battling the elements such as snow, ice, rain, heat, and so forth
  • Time is saved since you do not have to continually clean and wash the exterior of your automobile 
  • An eye-catching mirror-like gloss appearance

How to Prepare for Your Ceramic Coating

There is a popular saying that proper preparation prevents poor performance. The same philosophy applies to adding a ceramic coating to your vehicle. The time invested in properly preparing your vehicle for the ceramic coating oftentimes pays major dividends after the coating process is complete. Onsite Detail takes the following steps to properly prep your vehicle before even considering adding ceramic to the exterior:

  1. Thoroughly wash the exterior to remove surface contaminants 
  2. Clay the paint of your automobile to ensure any surface contaminants are fully removed. 
  3. Once the clay is removed, we polish the exterior to help correct any noticeable imperfections and perfect the paint finish. 
  4. Complete a full wipe down of the exterior with the goal of removing any oils, silicones, and/or waxes that may remain on top. 
  5. Once the surface has been properly washed and cleaned, we initiate the ceramic coating process.

Contact Our Utah County Professionals Today

Ready to take action and schedule a ceramic coating for your vehicle? If so, you have two options to initiate the process. You can fill out a quick contact form on this page, or you can call 801.412.9274. Our team of ceramic coating Utah county professionals are eager to get to work on your vehicle and will respond as quickly as possible to your inquiry. Please note that if you fill out our contact form, your appointment is not scheduled until you receive a confirmation from our office. 

We look forward to serving you.