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Boat Detailing in Las Vegas

Onsite Detail’s professional boat detailing services in Las Vegas ensure your vessel shines like new, both inside and out. Whether prepping your boat for the season or cleaning up after a day on the water, our team makes maintenance effortless. Regular detailing not only preserves your boat’s appearance but also safeguards its value against oxidation, sun exposure, and elemental wear. Our expert technicians meticulously clean and protect every surface, from vinyl and metal to plastics, decals, fiberglass, and gel coats.

Boat Detailing

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Our Las Vegas Mobile Boat Detailing Service Includes

Boat Washing

Interior Boat Detailing

Boat Carpet Shampoo

Boat Waxing & Sealant Application

Boat Gel Coat Polishing & Buffing

Boat Ceramic Coating

Boat Engine Detailing

Boat Scum Removal

Vinyl Seat Cleaning & Protection

How Onsite Detail Does Las Vegas Boat Detailing

Boats in Las Vegas have their own set of detailing needs that are quite different from cars or trucks. It’s important to keep up with these needs regularly to avoid big, expensive problems down the road. While a lot of boat parts are easy to look after, neglecting them can lead to serious issues that are both costly and a hassle to fix. At Onsite Detail, we know exactly how to get your boat looking its best. In the tough Las Vegas climate, boats deal with intense sun and hard water, which can make gel coats oxidize and interiors crack and dry out.

Our full-service wash and detailing offerings cover your boat from bow to stern, helping keep it looking sharp and protected from damage like oxidation. We handle everything: vinyl, metal, plastics, decals, fiberglass, gel coat, and even the trailer and wheels. Regular cleaning, waxing, or sealing not only makes your boat look great but also helps it move through the water more smoothly. Taking good care of your boat means it’ll last longer and save you money on repairs later on.

Exterior Boat Detailing

We’re excited to bring 9H ceramic coating to the residents of Las Vegas. This ceramic coating is packed with highly concentrated silicon dioxide compounds that utilize cutting-edge nano-technology. It works by penetrating the smallest imperfections, cracks, and pores on your vehicle’s surface, offering unmatched protection and ensuring your ride stays in top condition.

  • Washing

    The fist step is getting all the dirt and grim off your boat.  We meticulously wash each and every inch of your boat to remove potentially harmful road grim, salt, or other harmful affects from the environment.

  • Drying

    Next we carefully dry the boat to make sure it’s ready for a coat of high quality wax to be applied.  We hand dry your boat to ensure there are no steaks or smudges.

  • Waxing & Buffing

    To protect the exterior of your boat we use a high quality wax and then buff it to a perfect shine.  This helps your boat shed water if it’s stored outdoors, and when you take it out on the water again.

  • Metal Polishing

    For the railings, ladders, metal cleats, and other metal items on your boat we make sure to polish them to a showroom new shine.

  • Vinyl Repair

    For upholstery areas and other vinyl parts of your boat we remove stains, mold, grease, and rust.  We will help restore some of it’s youthful shine.

  • Glass Cleaning

    For the windows on your boat we will leave them streak and smudge free.

Interior Boat Detailing

Our interior boat detailing service in Las Vegas can revive a neglected interior and keep it in pristine condition. We effectively remove mold, mildew, spills, and more. Ignoring your boat’s interior can lead to serious damage, including ruined fabrics and vinyls, which are expensive to repair or replace. Regular detailing from the outset is a cost-effective way to maintain these surfaces.

Staying on top of your boat’s detailing is crucial for preserving its appearance, ensuring smooth operation, and maintaining its resale value. Plus, a well-maintained boat enhances the pleasure of your lake outings with friends and family.

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