VAC AND WIPE DOWN The vehicle is thoroughly vacuumed. The dash, center console and cup holders are wiped down. The interior windows are cleaned and polished streak free.

ENGINE DEGREASE The engine is degreased and washed to remove all the loose grease, dirt and dust. Everything is quickly wiped dry. This includes cleaning the underside of the hood.

HAND WASH The exterior is pressure washed to loosen and remove any heavy dirt or debris. Soap and cleaners are applied and lightly scrubbed with a microfiber brush or mitt to remove any other grime. Bugs, grime and tar are removed. Wheels, wheel wells and rims are degreased and cleaned. The entire exterior is rinsed. The exterior is hand dried and shined with microfiber towels. The tires  are dressed. The exterior windows cleaned.

HAND PAINT SEALANT A binding polymer monomer technology to produce a water beading, brilliant, long lasting finish. This polymer molecule cross-links and polymerizes on the surface thus building a hydrophobic durable layer of protection. It is evenly hand polished to a shine and great protection. It gives approximately 3 to 6 months of protection. The exterior windows are cleaned.

$105 LARGE
$129 XL


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