When you need a durable finish for your vehicle, getting a car ceramic coating in North Salt Lake gives you a harder layer of protection. It outperforms traditional car wax or paint sealant, giving you lasting results. Our 9h ceramic coating is suitable for personal and commercial vehicles of all shapes and sizes, with three levels of coatings available. You’ll get a superior installation that ensures proper bonding, giving you the best possible result for up to 10 years.


When you’re looking for a ceramic coating in North Salt Lake for your vehicle, finding a service provider you can trust is essential. At Onsite Detail, we offer top-tier results at affordable prices, all while making customer service our priority.

Quality 9h Ceramic Coating in North Salt Lake

Our 9h ceramic coating in North Salt Lake provides your vehicle with ample protection from common risks to your vehicle’s finish thanks to its leading nano-technology. Our ceramic coating protects your car against:

 • Bugs • Mineral Buildup • Hard Water Spotting • Bird Droppings • Ice and Snow • Tree Sap • Chemical Corrosion • Rusting • UV Rays and Extreme Heat • Oxidation


Onsite Detail Works with Your Vehicle

The team at Onsite Detail can apply it to a range of vehicle surfaces and existing finishes, including:

 • Automotive Paint • RV Paint and Gel Coats • Marine Gel Coats • Wheels and Rims • Vehicle Vinyl Wraps • Paint Protection Film

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Getting a ceramic coating in North Salt Lake ensures your vehicle continues to look its best. Whether you’re interested in a top-of-the-line 9h ceramic coating in North Salt Lake or other detailing services, the team at Onsite Detail can meet all of your needs.

The Onsite Detail team is licensed, insured, trained, and certified, ensuring you get exceptional results with every service.

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