Level Three Ceramic Coatings (5 to 7 years)

Legend Ceramic Coating

Legend is an extremely durable premium coating for those looking for the next level of performance. The experience of Legend is different than other ceramic coatings. It creates a rich shiny gloss adding serious depth and protection to exterior surfaces.

Legend is a premium coating with the same active ingredient as Classic Inspiration, Inspiration Sole & Inspiration Vue (a glass coating). However the concentration of active ingredients is much higher thus providing a deeper glossier finish.

LEGEND is without a doubt “A Premium Coating Experience”.

Opti-Coat Pro+ Ceramic Coating

Opti-Coat Pro+ is the ultimate in ceramic paint protection and gloss. It combines the chemical and environmental resistance of Opti-Coat Pro ceramic coating with a layer of Pro Plus to add additional protection and gloss that is second to none. It enhances the durability of your vehicle’s paint by adding another layer of protection for the life of your car.

Opti-Coat Pro provides a protective ceramic coating with superior resistance to swirling, chemical etching, and fading. Then, Opti-Coat Pro+ is added as the top coat to further protect the layer of ceramic paint. Not only does Opti-Coat Pro+ enhance the coated surface of your vehicle, it adds luster and slickness for an outstanding shine to your car’s paint.

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