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Winter Prep Detailing

Getting Ready for Winter In Utah, the hardest thing we put our vehicles through is the winter. Winter time in Utah causes all kinds of problems for our vehicles. Not only is the cold weather hard on the engine and other mechanical parts but cosmetically our vehicles take a beating during the cold season. During […]

Ten Car Costumes

Despite what all the retail stores are saying, Christmas is still far off.  Halloween, however, is coming up quick! That means candy, scary movies, haunted houses, and wicked lawn decorations are abound, and everyone will soon be asking, “What will you be for Halloween?” Most anyone you ask will have an idea what they want […]

Paint Correction vs Paint Perfection

Fixing Vehicle Paint, Paint Correction vs Paint Perfection There are many different perspectives on paint correction vs paint perfection. There are many misconceptions about “fixing” scratches and defects in vehicle paint. The only truly “correctable” part of vehicle paint is the clear coat. Clear coat is the upper most part or the top layer of […]

Hard Water Spots On a Vehicle

What is the Cause of Hard Water Spots on a vehicle? If you have ever thought it was a good idea to have your car parked next to an area that regularly gets hit by sprinklers because you think that it means a free car wash..think again! Utah has some of the worst hard water […]