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Car Smells and Odors

Cars are amazing creations.  We get to surround ourselves with technology designed to move us and protect us from the elements and other hazards.  Unlike our ancestors who had to travel exposed, we can enjoy getting from one place to another with the added protection all while listening to our favorite music and controlling the […]

How To Clean Vehicle Carpet

Vehicle Carpet Takes the Most Abuse Out of any part of your vehicle’s interior the area(s) that take the most abuse and get the dirtiest are the floors. There are some, mostly commercial vehicles that have vinyl flooring. Most cars have carpet. This is due to the fact our shoes and other things drag in […]

The Gift Of Detailing

The Gift Of Detailing ‘Tis the season we have all been waiting for… where we take the time to find great gift ideas for friends and loved ones.  However, you probably have someone who is hard to buy for. Maybe they have everything they need, don’t have a wish list, or all the good gifts […]

Fix exterior faded plastic oxidation

Exterior Vehicle Plastic Today’s exterior vehicle parts and trim are largely made of plastic that if exposed can lead to faded plastic oxidation. These plastics are used to add efficiency in production, to reduce overall weight and to create decorative pieces for a vehicle’s exterior. Many different types of plastics are used in manufacturing exterior […]

Freaky Details

Detailing is not a job for the Faint Hearted Halloween is just around the corner, and October is a month for frights and all things peculiar.  Some people indulge in haunted houses or horror movies to get their fill of spooky things, and everyone can expect to hear a scary story one way or another. […]