Benefits of GlassParency Window Treatment

The first time I heard of a GlassParency window treatment or coating I didn’t quite grasp the concept. I wondered what could be done to improve the glass fresh from the factory. Isn’t brand new glass perfect? Glass does not oxidize or fade like paint does, so what would the point be to get a window coating treatment. Well, truth be told, glass can be enhanced for many reasons, including;

  • Safety: Most of us would consider ourselves and everyday driver. We are most concerned about things that are practical and how the product is going to benefit their vehicle and their driving experience. The number one thing for us is that we get to and from where we need to go in safety. GlassParency window treatment  increases visibility in the rain, at night and during snow. It increases a driver’s reaction time by up to 34%. Optically improves the clarity of the glass and reduces night and day glare.

I can personally attest to the reduced glare as this was one of the things that not only annoyed me most but caused the most visual problems for me.

One other thing that I love is that fact that during wet weather I don’t need to use my wipers nearly as much which only extends the life of my wipers.

  • Ease of Maintenance: Most people don’t “love” to clean. GlassParency window treatment helps protect against hard water staining and mineral spotting reducing the amount of time it takes to remedy these issues. Also dirt, dust and debris are less likely to stick to treated glass.

How many times have you washed your car only to find bugs still in the windshield… annoying! A simple wipe of your wiper blades and washer fluid will remove most bugs on treated glass. If there are still some a simple wet rag or towel will do the trick.

This easy cleaning is great for show cars, classics and exotics. They don’t see much weather usually but when they are pulled you want them to look as good as possible as quickly as possible.

  • Protection: Protecting the glass is different than paint, but many of the same elements that deteriorate paint can slowly beat up the glass as well. GlassParency helps protect against hard water staining and mineral spots. Bugs, snow, ice and dirt are easier to remove. It keeps glass cleaner improving overall aesthetic of the glass which is especially nice for show cars.

Brand new factory glass is not perfectly smooth. If you look at the window glass through a microscope it will look more like peaks and valleys. There are pores in the glass that create places for things such as water, dirt, dust, ice and bugs to grab on and get “stuck” to the glass. GlassParency window treatment fills these pores and give the glass a more optically clear view. It also seals the glass to help reduce road debris damage. Sealing the glass and filling in the pores helps the glass repel the various contaminants the windows will encounter during its life.

Onsite Detail GlassParency Authorized Installer

Onsite Detail GlassParency Authorized Installer

I would recommend getting GlassParency installed at least on your windshield but all of your vehicle’s windows as well. One of the great things that comes with the initial installation treatment is a 3-year warranty.

If you have questions regarding GlassParency window treatment on your vehicle feel free to give us a call or send us a text at (801) 412-9274. You can also e-mail us at or fill out an appointment request form.

by Chris Blaisdell, CD-SV, Onsite Detail

Chris Blaisdell is the owner of Onsite Detail and has been detailing  for 12 + years.
He is a Certified Detailer-Skills Validated detailer through the
International Detailing Association. The industry leader in detailing standards.

RV Detailing – RV Exterior Wax

We’ve been on quite the journey the last couple months with detailing an RV. A few weeks ago we spent some time on the inside of the RV talking about the interior detail. Today I’m going to talk about the final step of the RV detail, the RV exterior wax. There are a few different ways that you can wax an RV. They can range from a spray wax or sealant that is applied by hand with a spray bottle and microfiber rag to a wax or sealant that is applied by a buffer or a palm polisher.

The RV Exterior Wax Pre-Check and Prep

Before applying any RV exterior wax, you will want to double/triple check to make sure all of the bugs and debris have been removed from all surfaces that will be waxed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that much time will be spent working on the upper half of the RV. In most cases that will require climbing a ladder, working, moving ladder, and repeating. Be prepared with extra rags, extension cords (if needed), sunglasses, etc. Being prepared and having all that you need will make this big job go a lot smoother.

Spray RV Exterior Wax or Sealant

First, I will talk about the spray RV exterior wax that is applied by spraying and applying by hand with a microfiber towel. The process of applying the spray wax will be an easier and more convenient work load for someone with minimal time or limited budget. As I mentioned though, the longest part of the application will be the process of moving up and down the ladder and moving the ladder. An obvious, but a very important thing to remember is to make sure that the ladder is stable before you climb and work. While working on the top half of the RV exterior, you will spend much time on the ladder so be sure to make sure the ladder is properly placed. The way I prefer to start is at any corner of the RV. As you work and move along the RV, pay close attention to the areas that you are waxing. While you are on the ladder, it is fairly easy to lose track of the areas that you can reach and can’t reach while you are working. An easy method is to pick out something that you can keep track of such as an edge of a painted area, decal section, a window, a vent, a storage compartment. Without this method it can be easy to lose track of areas that have and have not been waxed. It may sound funny but it’s important to stay focused when you are waxing an RV.

Another thing to remember is that you are going to want to make sure that you have plenty of microfiber towels on hand. One towel will be able to do anywhere from 4 to 6 feet of the RV. Depending on how well the surface is prepped and how much wax you spray will be factors as well. If you start noticing the wax not adhering to the paint as well or start noticing streaking it will be time to switch rags. Using spray wax will also give you the opportunity to do more than one coat in a short amount of time. Many spray waxes will still take time to adhere to the paint and fully cure even after the application process. This step can be very customizable with so many quality spray waxes and sealants to choose from. It will allow you to do more coats if desired. More coats or layers will not only protect the surface of your RV for longer but will lengthen the time between now and when you have to wax it again.

Spray RV Exterior Wax or Sealant

Another method to waxing an RV exterior is using a higher quality wax that is applied with a buffer or what we like to call in the detail biz, a “palm-polisher”. The process for this type of application will take even more focus and attention to detail. It will also take a significant time longer than the spray wax. The reason being after being applied to the surface. The wax (or sealant) used will take a little bit of time to cure. It should only take about 30 seconds to a minute before you should wipe it off, but his can vary greatly depending on the type of wax/sealant you are using and the conditions in which you are working. This method of waxing will take much more time than the spray wax for just that reason. This type of wax will still adhere to the paint after the “wax-off” step and this will also allow you to go back and do another coat if desired. As I said, this method will take a significant time longer than the spray wax but will last much longer in most cases. On average, doing a 30” RV could take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, depending on your determination and caffeine intake. Be sure to keep an eye on the pad you are using as well. It will most likely need to be changed a couple times while applying the wax. If you only have one pad, rinsing it out extremely well with hot water will work. You will know when the pad is ready to be switched or washed when the wax starts collecting on the pad. The quality of the work will continue to be more and more diminished the longer you continue to work with an oversaturated polish pad. The wax will not attach itself to the surface as well and you will actually need to use more and more wax as you go. It may also cause it to not look evenly waxed and will look patchy.

Mixing and Matching RV Exterior Wax

I’m going to give away a little secret right now to make the whole waxing process hopefully more easy for someone. When you think about the area of the RV that takes the most damage and has more exposure to the elements you will most likely think about the front of the RV. Something that has always been an easy sell for me for people that want to take care of their RV but not spend an arm and a leg is doing a buffer/machine RV exterior wax on only the front section of the RV and spray waxing the rest of it. Pretty brilliant stroke of genius isn’t it? The higher quality wax will protect the front for an extended period of time while the spray wax on the sides will still be protecting but you will not need as much protection for the sides and back because they obviously will not take as much damage but will remain protected. This is a really good method for 5th wheels especially.


Well there you have it. Over the course of the last couple months we have gone over the cleaning and detailing of an RV. I hope you have learned something that is beneficial and can help you in the future. Have a fun safe summer! Safe Travels!

by Andy Stallings, CD, Operations Manager, Onsite Detail

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Detail in the Summer!

Should you get a detail in the summer?…

Summer is upon us!  National Parks are open, the weather is clearing up for outdoor activity, and you’ve likely got a vacation or two planned.  Most of us are ready to hit the road and go on as many adventures as possible before we see “back to school” ads again.

However, before you load up your vehicle, I recommend taking a good look at it.  Whether it is your car, your RV, your motorhome, or your boat, you should seriously consider getting a detail at some point this summer.  We’re not suggesting that just because you probably have a family event or two lined up! There are many benefits that come from getting a detail, and this article will tell you five of those benefits.

1. Preparing for Big Trips

Summertime is when many people take to the road, from getting on golf carts and ATVs to taking long road trips across the country.  Some of these vehicles have likely been in storage, waiting for their owners to pull them out and gas them up for another round of memory-making.  Before you jump into the driver’s seat, though, consider getting at least a detail in the summer or a quick wash and vacuum of the vehicle, like with our Express Inside & Out service.  This not only gets the winter dust off, but sets the tone for the rest of the season. Having a clean vehicle now can be a good motivator to keep it clean over the summer, which is especially important because the heat alone can make messes worse!

2. Heat and Bacteria

A mess any time of the year is less than fun (in fact, it’s no fun at all).  However, some messes are worse when it’s hot outside. Dairy spills are a good example of this.  Heat trapped in a vehicle can cause dairy from spilled baby formula or lattes to produce more bacteria that stinks up the whole inside of the car.  Foods that get forgotten or missed can also start to mold quicker in hot cars and can attract insects or rodents.

Our detailers are trained to work in hot weather conditions and do great work cleaning up vehicles with bad spills and messes.  Interior Details are one of our most popular services that not only remove mold and stains, but also make the inside look almost new.  Our newest Deep Odor Removal service is also a good choice for anyone with a really smelly situation. A recent example is a customer who had food left in their RV for weeks without refrigeration, which eventually attracted flies and maggots.  The Deep Odor Removal and Interior Detail made it like it never happened after only a few hours! You can depend on us

3. Protecting Your Vehicle

Our services don’t just help with making your vehicle clean and shiny; we help keep your vehicle protected as well.  Our paint sealants and Ceramic Coating help keep paint and gel coats protected from weather, dust, and other contaminants you pick up.  This in turn helps fight oxidation and other tricky substances, such as hard water and tree sap. Our Glassparency Window Coating service helps prevent bugs from sticking to your windshield and helps keep water off it, which is good for everything from sprinklers that leave hard water to boats that get sprayed from lakes!  You can contact us to learn more about our protective services, which will help keep your summer toys lasting for years to come.

4. Impress Your Family & Friends

Summer is one of the most social times of the year because many of us have vacation time to spend together.  Your near future may include bringing kids to sporting events, traveling an hour to visit someone for dinner, and going to Moab for a few days getaway.  Lots of people will be in or around your car, so why not make it look nice? You paid a lot for it, so make it shine for your family and friends! You can utilize our Paint Correction services to remove scratches and swirl marks, Plastic Restoration to make the plastic and rubber parts look like new, and Pet Hair Removal to clear it of any of our furry (but sometimes allergy-inducing) friends’ shedding.  If you have a spill, smell, or stain you’d like taken care of before going to that Pioneer Day family reunion, you can count on us to make that happen.

5. Returning from Summer Trips

As with all seasons, even summers must come to an end.  While we have been talking about getting ready for summer, we know some of you may have already gotten a head start on it.  Why spend all that time preparing when your car is just going to get dirty again? Utah’s roads are known for their dustiness and kids will spill just about anything because, well, they’re kids!  

When summer does wind down, even if you’ve not gotten any detailing done, consider us for a detail in the summer.  Add a Child Seat Cleaning to your Interior Detail to prepare for your kids going back to school, wash and wax any of that dirt and sand from your car, and wash & wax your RVs and boats before storing them.  Keep in mind any preventative services you may want before cold and rainy fall seasons arrive- it’s easier to remove hard water and tree sap when it’s still warm than when it’s raining or snowing! Plus getting a wax or paint sealant can prevent oxidation and rust.  In fact, we recommend it- waxing is much cheaper than removing rust and oxidation after all, and it takes much less time!


There are benefits beyond these, of course, but these are some of the more popular reasons you should consider getting your vehicle detailed at least once this summer.  Our calendar is filling quickly, so send in a Request Form or call us today at (801) 412-9274 to get your vehicle taken care of! Let us take care of the details, you have a summer to enjoy.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail