Pet Mess Clean-Up

Many of us have a fuzzy, four-legged member of the family whom we love.  Our dogs and cats give us so much, from love and affection to someone to take care of.  Some even go beyond being a simple household pet and help as a service animal or emotional support pet.  However wonderful they are, though, they can still leave a mess in your car if you bring them along for a ride.  Whether a daily occurrence or a one-time thing, animals can cause all kinds of pet messiness. We at Onsite Detail can help!  In this article we will be going over how to prepare for a service, what services can help, and how to prevent issues in the long run.

Getting Ready For Your Detail

I remember around the time I started as a scheduler getting a call from a woman who was nice enough to pet-sit for her neighbor, only to have the dog get sick all over the back of her new car and leave a nasty pet mess.  And we mean sick in all ways. It was the definition of a disaster. She asked, since it would be a day or two before the service, what she could do to get ready for us.

While taking care of some initial pet mess like removing feces and clearing items from a car helps, trying to clean stains without proper knowledge can actually cause issues in the long run. Many times when pet messes happen the initial reaction is to throw soap and water and scrub to get it clean. Some people even go straight for harsh chemicals and cleaners. In more cases than not these reactions have the potential to be more harmful and create more work for a detailer in the latter stages of pet mess clean up. The best piece of advice we can give is to not push down the mess or grind it into the surfaces of your vehicle. Think “lift” and only do things that will pull the pet mess up off the surface, so things like vacuuming are okay and actually good to do to remove initial  pet mess. If you happen to have an enzyme pet cleaner it is okay to spray this on the mess after initial mess is “lifted” off the surfaces.  This will help prevent odor causing bacteria from growing. Other than that, leave the pet mess clean-up details to us!

Steam Extraction Seat Cleaning

The Detail Itself

Whether the animal-related mess is fur or the result of sickness and accidents, our Interior Detail is a great start.  It includes steam cleaning and shampoo, as well as stain treatment. Our detailers know what chemicals are best to help with your particular situation.  Our detailers have worked on a variety of insane pet messes, so there’s no shame if there’s a particularly embarrassing accident. Plus the service helps remove nose prints from windows and paw prints from seats!

However, if your pet comes with you everywhere and fur has piled for some time, it may need some extra elbow grease.  If this is the case, our detailer will approach you and explain how an Interior Detail can get a good amount of the pet hair, but likely not all of it.  We offer a $75 Pet Hair Removal charge in cases like this to get 100% of the pet hair out, but this is in no way a requirement! If you don’t mind some extra pet hair, you can turn it down or save it for another time.  We don’t enjoy secret fees ourselves and will never sneak extra charges like that.

If the pet mess was pretty bad there may be some extra charges so that we can fully clean and sanitize the affected areas properly. We assure you its well worth it.

If the car smells from the pet mess even after an Interior Detail, however, we have an added solution.  Odor Bombs can help with long-term smell and are easy to use and safe for pets, and with us they’re only $25 a piece! We can also do a deep odor removal in shop overnight if needed.

One type of detail some people may not think about when discussing pet mess is buffing and polishing or paint correction on the outside of the car.  When my grandparents got their car washed and waxed here, the detailer pointed out minor scratches on the hood.  It turns out, the previous owner used to let their dog walk on the hood when it was parked and the dog left some scratches behind!  If your dog or cat likes to wander outside as well as inside, maybe it’s worth seeing about adding Buffing & Polishing to your service!

Preventing Future Messes

For some of us, bringing pets along isn’t optional.  Whether we are moving them from one place to another or just bringing our furry friends for a ride every day, there is a small chance of a pet mess whenever they enter the vehicle.  Here are a few tips we suggest to help keep your car cleaner for longer!

  1. Get seat covers.  This is especially great for on-the-go pets who ride frequently.  You can pull seat covers off and wash them at home easily!
  2. Brush and trim your pet often.  Being the owner of a long-haired cat myself, brushing her helps control fur from getting everywhere in the home.  The same goes for cars!
  3. Keep your pet calm and comfortable to prevent car sickness.  Animals get carsick too!
  4. If the travel is temporary, consider a kennel or carrier cage.  Put towels or blankets down to make them more comfortable and to catch messes.
  5. Get a small hand vacuum to keep in your car for quick pet hair maintenance!  This will make it more manageable and likely remove the Pet Hair charge for future details with us.

Our detailers are more than happy to help clean your car so you can continue caring for your pet.  Clean cars are good for your health and your pet’s, so fill out a Request Form today and let us take care of you both!

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail

RV Detailing – Washing The Roof

If you’ve ever had to change a light bulb on a high ceiling, you know how scary it can be, especially if heights are not your friend and/or if you consider yourself uncoordinated. Standing on a ladder and putting all your attention on a ceiling can be risky and a little nerve racking. Well, washing an RV roof is nothing like that but it may be somewhat relatable because most people will probably have more experience changing light bulbs than washing the roof of an RV. There are areas where the washing process can feel a little like that changing out a hard to reach, awkwardly located light bulb. Just like changing a light bulb can be, washing the roof can be a little nerve racking when you are unsure and unprepared to do so.

Washing the Roof of Your RV

Put yourself in this situation..if you will – Standing on a wet surface, 12-15 feet up, using a pressure washer (which can screw with your balance if you’re not careful), trying to find a way to make sure the pressure washer gun stays on top of the RV while you scrub the roof (can be more tricky than it sounds). All while making sure you have sure footing and watching where you step. As with washing other vehicles, it is best to wash from top to bottom so starting on the roof will be the best place to start. Overtime, the tops of RVs and trailers can get really dirty and even collect dirt and leaves and other contaminants. You can wash an RV without washing the roof but with that comes a disclaimer. The disclaimer is – without cleaning the roof, every time it rains, it will basically just spread whatever is on the roof to the rest of the RV. You will want to make sure all of the air vents and any other openings on the roof are closed. Otherwise, you will be “washing” parts of the RV you were not intending to wash. So going back to my first approach to washing RVs. The roof washing is a vital, but risky (if you are familiar with the proper procedures), part of the RV wash. Possibly even more risky than changing a light bulb…you see what I did there? I compared it to changing a light bulb. Although you could also compare it to hanging out on your roof while it rains. People probably don’t make a habit out of doing something like that. Unless you’re a crazy person, like the kind of crazy person that gets on top of RVs to wash them. It can be a dangerous and a little scary on a windy day but it is definitely worth it and pays off in the long run. However, if you don’t have the proper training and equipment I would say not to do it and call someone who’s crazy enough. But who? Who’s crazy enough? I’ll tell you who..WE ARE!!     

Different RV Roofs

There are different kinds of roofs on RVs (and trailers).  A pretty common material found on many roofs is rubber. Ask your detailer about using a rubber cleaner/protectant when cleaning your roof. A rubber cleaner/protectant will work kinda like a “wax” for your roof. It will protect it from UV rays and other weather elements that damage the integrity of the roof. Another is just a painted or unpainted panel of aluminum or fiberglass with maybe some extra grit for grip in certain areas. This surface can be waxed, sealed or ceramic coated just as any other painted or metal surface. It is very important that proper cleaning chemicals and processes are used to ensure that there is no damage or irreparable mistakes happen and that optimal results are achieved. Another extremely important thing is proper detailing and washing equipment, tools and safety equipment. Which reminds of an interesting story.

Short story. I knew a guy that went to clean a huge RV. When I say huge, I mean as tall as an RV can get, you’re looking at about 13 and a half feet tall. He looked up at the monstrous vehicle and wondered if his ladder was any match to this Goliath of a vehicle. Not only was his ladder too short to get to the top but there was also no ladder on the RV to climb to the top. So what did he do? He solved the problem by doing the only reasonable thing he could think of. The van he had driven wasn’t in the right spot though. It had to be moved. But where? He got in the van and pulled it within inches of the house on wheels. He got out and looked at what was in front of him and knew what he had to do, the decision had been made and his mind was made up. He climbed on top of the van with the ladder, all while continually telling himself that he would be able to live through this and go to sleep in his bed that night and not at a hospital. He had to set aside his doubts and fears. As with much assurance and confidence as he could, he began to set up the ladder on top of the van. Oddly enough, the further along he got with the progress of his plan, the more comfortable he got with it. Realizing more and more that sometimes the best idea may not be the safest one but onward he pressed. Making sure the legs of the ladder would fit into the grooves of the top of the van he began he ascension to the top of the ladder. Checking the stability of the ladder with every step he eventually got to the top of the ladder and was able to carefully work his way onto the RV. He hadn’t really noticed how high he was yet but immediately noticed the gloriousness of world around him. He had a sense of pride rush through him and thought that he could stay up there forever. Which was an intriguing thought considering the amount of effort and time it had taken to get to the top. Now it was time to get to work. He went to grab the pressure washer to start. But where was it? If you’re thinking, “he wouldn’t have made that long, dangerous journey without bringing the things he needed”, you’re on the right track. He had completely forgotten everything he needed. He made the long, careful voyage back to earth and grabbed all the things he needed and looked back up at RV Everest and proceeded to do the job he had come to do. Good news, he made it home that night to fall asleep in his bed unscathed.


If you’re wondering how I knew the details of this story so well, how I knew what he was feeling and what was going through. Full disclosure, it was me. I’m sure you figured that out but wanted you to see the amount of crazy that we are willing to go through to make sure that the job we are hired to do is accomplished.


This story is an example of why I would not recommend doing it on your own. We love making people happy and would love to help you get your RV ready for the year ahead. Stay tuned for more on properly washing the other parts of your RV. Safe travels.

by Andy Stallings, Operations Manager, Onsite Detail

Foods Inside Your Car

At Onsite Detail we have handled many different kinds of messes in all different kinds of vehicles.  Hard water spotting, tree sap, vomit, and pet messes are among the many kinds we have dealt with. But arguably one of our most common types of spills and stains come from a simple, yet common culprit- food! Our Interior Detail is the solution!

As pristine as we try to keep our vehicles, we are only human, and humans need to eat and drink.  Sometimes our need for sustenance comes when we are on the road, and something as simple as a bump in the road can make a mess of things.  So in this article, we will be going over some of our favorite snacks and cuisines to clean up with our interior detail service!


How about some beverages to start?  It turns out having water is a cheap option in more ways than one!  A common call we get is for interior details to focus on a drink gone wrong.

Warm drinks like coffee and hot chocolate are especially common in the wintertime, since they are treats that warm us up and can get us ready for the day.  However, it only takes one bump in the road or a drink carrier to collapse to make a treat a disaster. Both stain pretty easily as is, but it’s even less fun when it has creamer or any other dairy products.  Dairy can smell bad when not chilled because it cultivates bacteria, and now that we’re (hopefully) reaching warmer weather, that’s going to be a more immediate effect. And let’s not forget our other dairy disasters like chocolate milk or baby formula!

If coffee isn’t your drink of choice, we have also taken care of soda spills.  The syrup and coloring in these drinks love to try and stain carpets and upholstery, and if it can’t stain, it’ll make things sticky and sugary, which is attractive to ants and other bugs.  Dark sodas especially like to cause problems as their syrup discolors whatever they spill on, though clear sodas love to mislead by looking clean when they’re actually not! Be especially careful with canned sodas with the changing temperatures as they love to explode if left unopened and unattended in your vehicle.  

While this is not one of our common ones, some people have a fancier taste in beverages.  Of course we mean wine or other alcoholic drinks. This last holiday season we got a call from a nice gentleman who had bought an expensive bottle of red wine which spilled all over the back of his car, leaving a bad stain and strong odor.  Thankfully he had called quickly and we got to do our interior detail on it right away, which saved his seats and carpets from red wine stains and nasty odor!

Main Course

Of course, drinks are not the only spills we manage.  At Onsite Detail we have seen our fair share of food as well when we do our interior detail service!

Fast food is a popular one we handle, for a variety of reasons.  Whether you’re a fast food connoisseur or only indulge when you have five minutes of lunch break left, we know how it can affect our rides.  Foods like tacos and burgers can cause spills from condiments of toppings like lettuce, and fries love to drop from our fingers into the crevices between and under the seats,   never to be seen again. (At least, until we take care of them.)  Not only that, but it’s easy to stuff the wrappers into the bags and promptly forget to remove them, which can leave a fast food smell in the car and make it look trashy.

Thankfully our guys are experienced in cleaning all kinds of food, and we are professionals at cleaning fast food mess!  But our expertise does not stop there. Recently we got to clean a vehicle where someone had accidentally spilled rice all over the back of the car, and over the holidays someone called asking if we could clean a spill from a pot roast that had tipped in the trunk of the car.  We may not be able to recover the loss of good food, but we can help the grieving process by cleaning the mess after!


Still have room for dessert?  Great!

As mentioned before, dairy is a bane for vehicles in hot weather.  However, this doesn’t stop us from indulging in ice cream from time to time!  Popsicle sticks, cone wraps, and sticky napkins join in the fun as well when it comes to our favorite summertime dessert.  But what about sweets we can enjoy all year round? Candy and chocolate are especially fun for us to find, especially in vehicles where kids rule the car.  We have gotten all kinds of candy, generic and brand names alike. Don’t be shy if you’re calling for some cleanup after a sugary incident, we are happy to take care of the details!

Of course, not all desserts are sugar confections.  One of our detailers a few years ago had a job to take care of a watermelon to enjoy in the summertime, but it was forgotten about… for a few weeks.  It turns out the vehicle simply hadn’t been used, so after being allowed to sit in the heat of the trunk, it made for a terrible, moldy, stinking surprise!  Thankfully he was experienced in detailing and managed to clean the car back to normal, despite the awful stench it had provided before.

We know messes can come from all sorts of sources, including our need to eat and drink.  That’s why Onsite Detail’s Interior Detail is so popular for spills, stains, smells and sticky situations.  Give us a call today or fill out a Request Form to take care of your mess now!

by Miranda Hughes, Onsite Detail